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59: Owen Jones (1809-74) and De La Rue

59: Owen Jones (1809-74) and De La Rue

A selection of examples of Owen Jones's work printed by De La Rue.

EPCS January 1986 Newsletter

EPCS January 1986 Newsletter Members Only

The Jack of Spades (The English Court: part 12) • Hoover Company pack • Goodall: Victor E. Mauger: International Card Company • A Collecting Theme: Birds Part 1 • Non-standard arrangement of suitmarks on pip cards • The Game of Heartsett • Owen Jones - Onoto - Pass and Joyce Ltd • Mardon Son & Hall

EPCS March 1986 Newsletter

EPCS March 1986 Newsletter Members Only

A Collecting Theme: Birds part 2 • Beautiful Britain (additional information) • Clan Tartan cards • Mardon Son & Hall • The Daily Sketch War Fund pack • Overprint Champagne Advertising packs • Musical Card Games • Children's Card Games: Pepys Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs • Hobby Horse playing cards

EPCS November 1985 Newsletter

EPCS November 1985 Newsletter Members Only

The King of Spades (The English Court: Part 10) • Fragments from France • Games Packs Theme: Wireless • Beautiful Britain (Part 5) • Owen Jones and his card back designs • Metropolitan Vickers, War Games • Remembrance Day

Lawrence & Cohen, New York 1865

Lawrence & Cohen, New York

Lawrence & Cohen decided to hire Owen Jones, the English playing card designer who produced back designs for De La Rue (London).

Owen Jones (1809-1874)

Owen Jones (1809-1874)

Owen Jones (1809-1874) was a Welsh architect and interior designer who designed the backs of playing cards for Thomas de la Rue.