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Bezique Markers, 1860-1960

Bezique Markers, 1860-1960

Bezique is a two-player melding and trick-taking game. Dr. Pole introduced Bezique to England in 1861, but it wasn't popular until 1869.

C.L. Wüst English pattern comparison 1900

C.L. Wüst English pattern comparison

A review of the Ace of spades, court card, backs and joker of English pattern playing cards by Wüst from my collection.

Card Game Items and contemporary advertisements

Card Game Items and contemporary advertisements

It is often difficult to identify the origin, manufacturer and date of a card game boxed set and other card game artifacts.

De La Rue Pocket Guides 1864

De La Rue Pocket Guides

The 19th Century saw the production, by all of the major companies, of pocket guides or “mini-books” on every type of game.

Dondorf related ephemera 1930

Dondorf related ephemera

A few items used for advertising or displaying Dondorf playing card products.

EPCS February 2001 Newsletter

EPCS February 2001 Newsletter Members Only

Leader: Blackpool • Theme: Butlins, J Cooper • Burton HF: Animal Snap • Jugger: Sorrows of Satan, SY Argonaut • Three Card Mysteries: MH Goodall • Teofani • Act of Union: Doulton, Franklin Special Ace • George Clulow: Peculiar Cards Part 1 • Fergie to Football: A Bird • Pinhead System • Horses in Beer Adverts • Samson Miniature • Member Publications

EPCS November 2005 Newsletter

EPCS November 2005 Newsletter Members Only

Top Trumps • Clifford Toys / Tricklico • Blackpool Souvenir • Squiggles • Esquire • Alberto Vargas • A Find? • Early Playing Cards • Fortune Telling Cards • Court Fools & Jesters (cont) • The Rolls Razor • The Virtue of Princes • Bovril Poster Snap • Defenders of the Empire • Waddington Catalogue 1981 • Tricards

EPCS November 2008 Newsletter

EPCS November 2008 Newsletter Members Only

Key to the Kingdom • Jacksons Score Cards • Editorial • Feedback • Secretary’s Note • Sabrina Pack • Danger - Mines • Bonzo Transfers • News from the USA • US Forces & Archaeology • A Bezique Surprise • JW Mitchell Joker • From Wanganui to Inverneil • Danger - UXO • St George, Britannia & Union Arms • Card Coinage • Card Structures • US Royals Ad • Scoring Cards • Bubbles Happy Families • Douce Collection (Fulwood) • More Arithmetical Cards • Dean’s Games • Notabilities • Lecardo: An Ingenious pack

EPCS October 2000 Newsletter

EPCS October 2000 Newsletter Members Only

That's Donald: Card Reverse • Queen Mother's Birthday • Rudge Whitworth Cycles • Pack of Cards: Spades • Oscar Wilde: 100th Death Anniversary • International Cards: Duke of Edinburgh Marriage • AVRO VULCAN: Old War Bird • Nursery Rhyme Snap • Daily Express Centenary • New Issues: Various Themes • Peg's Lucky Cards • King George V: Pneumatic Ace • Mickey Mouse: Special Box • Non-Standard Ace Packs • Bric-a-Brac: Odds & Ends • Cat Snap • J&W Mitchell: Card Manufacturers • Bezique Marker: A.Collier • Pepy's Kargo Drawings • Barribal Waddington: EXIDE Battery • Whist Score Cards • Louis Wain: NAP Game • Christmas Dickens: Non-Standard Packs • House of Cards: C.E.B. Bernard • Playing with Numbers • Bystander Fragments

EPCS October 2001 Newsletter

EPCS October 2001 Newsletter Members Only

Idalia • Patience Books • Themes for Novice Collectors • 19th Century Advertising • Put-Togethers • The Interflora Story • New Wimbledon • Mulord Brothers • Our Circus Friends Snap • Edison & Swan • Thackeray Zeter • Ace of Clubs Eph • Miscellanea • Game Scorers & Trump Indicators • Spelka • Limerique • Pepys Card Game Quiz • Beautiful Britain • Harper & Co • The Millennium Pack

EPCS October 2004 Newsletter

EPCS October 2004 Newsletter Members Only

40 Thieves • SDP & Waddington • Scottish Educational Cards • Kan-u-go Singing / Mystery • Waddington Catalogue 1979 cont • Two Goodall Aces • Redline • Golf Cards • Great Storm • Warning to Gamblers and Swearers • Besique 1870 • Toby's Family • Lenthal Broadside • The Rubaiyat of a Bridge Player • The Wedding • Orient Express – The Real Article • Mr William Straker • The Dansant Whist • Orient Express – The Real Boyle

Goodall 1915-1916 Sample Book 1915

Goodall 1915-1916 Sample Book

Complete contents of a sample book by Goodall & Sons

International Playing Cards 1874

International Playing Cards

Designed by Reuben Townroe (1835-1911), the artist who designed the ornamented terra cotta work on the exterior of the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Mystery Objects

Mystery Objects

I need help in identifying the purpose of this particular piece of card-playing kit.

T. Drayton & Son 1875

T. Drayton & Son

Bezique and Whist boxed sets by T. Drayton & Son, London, c.1875.

The Evolution of Bezique boxed sets, 1869 to 1990 1869

The Evolution of Bezique boxed sets, 1869 to 1990

The first company to register Bezique materials with Stationers’ Hall was Josh Reynolds & Son in September 1869.

The making of a Bridge or Bézique marker

The making of a Bridge or Bézique marker

This post-mortem was carried out on a Bezique marker which was already falling apart.

W. H. Willis & Co

W. H. Willis & Co

Willis & Company was formed in 1869, having been preceded by Charles Steer at the same address (80 Long Acre, London), who also manufactured playing cards during the 1850s and 60s.

What can we learn from mini-booklet advertisements?

What can we learn from mini-booklet advertisements?

Over the years I have collected a large number of mini-booklets and pocket guides offering rules and play guidance on a wide variety of games.

Why do we Collect?  My 20 Favourite Items

Why do we Collect? My 20 Favourite Items

I suppose people collect for different reasons, rarity, quality, ingenuity of design, sentimental value... by Tony Hall.