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Card Game Items and contemporary advertisements

Card Game Items and contemporary advertisements

It is often difficult to identify the origin, manufacturer and date of a card game boxed set and other card game artifacts.

EPCS August 1988 Newsletter

EPCS August 1988 Newsletter Members Only

Tercentenary William and Mary 1988 • Fortune Telling Card • Lexicon • Joseph Hunt & Son • Collecting Theme: Whisky Distillers • English Jokers • Piquet Packs • SNAP Nursery Rhymes • The Big BAANG: Stock Exchange

EPCS August 1991 Newsletter

EPCS August 1991 Newsletter Members Only

Royal Birthdays: HM The Queen, Prince Philip, Princess of Wales • CWS SNAP • OXO • Thomas De La Rue • Nestle's Happy Families • W.D. & H.O. WILLS • Bristol Cigarettes • Brooklands • Henry VIII Quincentenary • Wild Woodbine • Harrods • Richard Doyle • Bridge & Whist • Fashionable Piquet-Player • Elaine Lewis • Barribal

EPCS May 1999 Newsletter

EPCS May 1999 Newsletter Members Only

Queen of Hearts: Alice in Wonderland • Bath Abbey: Quincentenary • G.H. Elliott: Anne Bradford • Tennis Snap: Dudley Ollis • Isle of Man Packs • Cricket Snap: The Times • Cambridge Evening News: Pneumatic Cards • Oliver Cromwell Anniversary • New Issues: Eight Packs • English Standard Card Manufacturers • Piquet Pack • Happy Families Book • Dickens Quartette Game • Card Collector: John Cooper • Tax Wrapper: Mudie & Sons • Special Master Aces • Worshipful Company Packs • Nursery Rhyme Snap • Fairy Snap: Globe • Third Music Sheet: Four Aces Postcard • RNLI: 175 Years • Billy Mayerl School • Guinness Bicentenary • Story Behind the Card • Ephemera

French Suited Piquet 1812

French Suited Piquet

French Suited Piquet by David Vachet, Switzerland, c.1812.

Goodall 1915-1916 Sample Book 1915

Goodall 1915-1916 Sample Book

Complete contents of a sample book by Goodall & Sons

Illustrated piquet cards

Illustrated piquet cards

Bavarian piquet cards with oriental illustrations produced by Andreas Benedict Göbl, Munich, late 18th c.

Piquet: the game and its artifacts

Piquet: the game and its artifacts

Piquet may be the oldest card game which is still played today with origins going back to early 16th Century.

Swiss Piquet Playing Cards, c.1850-60 1860

Swiss Piquet Playing Cards, c.1850-60

Piquet playing-cards made by J. Müller, Diessenhofen, c.1850-60. The full-length court cards are following the French style.

Willeb Cartes Piquet 502

Willeb Cartes Piquet 502

Éditions Willeb Cartes à Jouer Piquet - Belote - Manille Laquées 502