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Baraja Andaluza 1980

Baraja Andaluza

Non-standard Spanish-suited playing cards created by Rafael Rodriguez Hernandez and published by Ediciones Baja Andalucia, Sevilla, c.1980.

Baraja Charra Ernesto Icaza 2002

Baraja Charra Ernesto Icaza

“Baraja Charra” with paintings by Ernesto Icaza, 2002.

Baraja Fiesta Taurina 1975

Baraja Fiesta Taurina

‘Baraja Fiesta Taurina’ bullfight playing cards published by Heraclio Fournier, Spain, 1975.

Baraja Taurina by Simeon Durá, c.1916 1916

Baraja Taurina by Simeon Durá, c.1916

Baraja Taurina manufactured by Simeon Durá (Valencia) for Chocolate Angelical, first published in 1916.

Baraja Taurina Toranzo 2003

Baraja Taurina Toranzo

Baraja Taurina Mexicana Toranzo with paintings by Antonio Navarrete, 2003

Corrida de Toros 1969

Corrida de Toros

Bull fighting card game publshed by Naipes Comas, 1969.

Martínez de León 1951

Martínez de León

Bull-fighters pack published by Hijos de Heraclio Fournier, Vitoria (Spain) with artwork by Andrés Martínez de León, 1951.

Naipes Kukuxumusu 2006

Naipes Kukuxumusu

A 52-card Spanish-suited advertising pack for a clothing company in Pamplona.

Nueva Baraja Taurina 1885

Nueva Baraja Taurina

'Nueva Baraja Taurina' designed by Pedro Maldonado, Madrid, c.1885.

PBR (Professional Bull Riders) playing cards 2005

PBR (Professional Bull Riders) playing cards

PBR (Professional Bull Riders) licensed playing cards, USA, 2005

Poker Taurino 1949

Poker Taurino

Baraja Taurina was published by Enrique Guerrero, c.1950. Subsequently published as Poker Taurino by Clemente Jacques y Cia, S.A.

Toros: De El Cordobés a Espartaco 1988

Toros: De El Cordobés a Espartaco

Publicity pack for the Spanish newspaper Ya with caricatures of famous bullfighters by Fernando Vinyes.