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Transformation of Playing Cards

The best-known fantasies with playing cards are the ‘Transformation’ cards. Hand-drawing ‘transformations’ onto a pack of ordinary playing cards, with the suit symbols forming part of the overall composition, became a popular pastime 200 years ago and a test of skill in drawing. A great deal of ingenuity is required in their design. The earliest printed sets were published at the start of the 19th century, often published in the form of an almanac or sometimes known as ‘metastasis’, and these became a fashionable and entertaining novelty.

In the strict sense of the word ‘Transformation’ the pips should be in their standard positions and form part of, or fit into, the overll image portrayed on the card.

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Cotta Transformation playing cards 1804

Cotta Transformation playing cards

In 1804, J.G. Cotta, a publisher and bookseller in Tübingen, Germany, produced the first set of transformation cards that was published as an actual deck of playing cards.

Crowquill Transformation 1850

Crowquill Transformation

Transformation playing cards designed by the illustrator, comic artist and stage designer ‘Alfred Crowquill’ (Alfred Henry Forrester, 1804-72), printed by Reynolds & Sons, c.1850.

Curator 2011


The Curator Deck with designs by Emmanuel José with suit symbols cleverly transformed into artistic designs.

EclecDeck 2013


EclecDeck transformation playing cards created by Dave Ufford, 2013.

Eclipse Comic playing cards (reproduction) 2020

Eclipse Comic playing cards (reproduction)

Eclipse Comic playing cards is a reproduction of the first transformation pack printed in the USA in 1876 by F.H. Lowerre.

El Barco 1895

El Barco

El Barco playing cards designed by E. Pastor, Valencia, Spain, c.1895

Emanuelle 1986


‘Emanuelle’ erotic transformation playing cards designed by Patrick Cuenot, 1986.

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