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British Playing Cards

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British Playing Cards

British Playing Cards

British Playing Cards Ltd was the predecessor of Universal P.C.Co. and involved Alf Cooke of Leeds and Bemrose of Birmingham, and maybe one or two other printing firms.

EPCS February 1987 Newsletter

EPCS February 1987 Newsletter Members Only

Unusual Waddington Pack • British Playing Cards Limited • The Cardboard Court • English Standard Card Manufacturers (Part 1) Woolley & Co • Georges Brewery Bristol • Card Game Manufacturers (Part 1) H & A Mullord Brothers • Collateral Branches of the English/American Family • 3 Decks of John Waddington in the limelight • Snap (Part 1) Globe Series of Games • A Collecting Theme: Dogs

EPCS May 1987 Newsletter

EPCS May 1987 Newsletter Members Only

Berkshire Printing Company • Special packs for Defective Sight: De La Rue "Optic Playing Cards" c.1900 • Playing Cards in England (by Simon Wintle) • KAN-U-GO • English Standard Card Manufacturers (Woolley & Sabin) • Snap (Globe Series of Games) • A Collecting Theme: Dogs (Part 1) • Card Game Manufacturers (C. W. Faulkner)