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I started collecting playing cards on a trip with my mother to Russia in 1980. We went in the last part of December and were there for the start of the,(very snowy!") new year. Mom wanted to get far away with as much of a distraction as possible because my father had passed away and they had been together since they were children and very much in love most all their lives. I am an artsy person and while in Russia I saw a deck of Russian playing cards that were so beautiful with such well done artwork set with colors of rich reds and golds, standing out from a bold black background. That was my first deck. You all will be disappointed that out of the 150 decks or so I have that only one, maybe two are authentic antique decks. I collected replica's, originals and newly created decks in my travels around many parts of the world. Regular and tarot. Affordability is the explanation. I love the artwork and that is why I have them. I don't collect anymore, but am still fascinated by the designs and history of them. I create my own designs now in many mediums. Finding this website is so very interesting and wonderful for me! Thank you all for being here! The partial deck I sent photos of to confirm identification is an antique French one from the 18th century,(I think), that my mother bought at a flea market in France in the 1980's. I am hoping someone can give me more detailed information. UPDATE...I think I may have found their identification. They seem to be later than I thought, and possibly English, not French. Possibly James Hardy, London, circa 1827 or earlier. Can anyone confirm this? Small differences though, as in color or no color, make it difficult for me.