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52 Plus Joker 2
Abstract 10
Aces 28 Aces
Many modern aces of spades are anonymous so that, in the absence of any other information, the collector has difficulty deciding who made them.
Advertising 422 Playing Cards for Consumer Advertising, Marketing & Promotion
Closely following the development of visual advertising in general, such as on labels, packaging, posters and TV commercials, advertising playing cards seek to find ways to associate products with our inner desires and longings, with our identity and who we want to be. Some packs are widely distributed as part of larger promotions, others are more exclusive. In some cases single cards are collected from inside the advertised product, thereby stimulating further sales to complete a full set.
Affirmations 4
African-American 4
Alice in Wonderland 23 Alice in Wonderland
The Alice in Wonderland playing cards have been a classic for generations. This collection of articles provides research, reviews, and new insights into these packs. They discuss the cards' history, artwork, and culture.
Americana 25 Americana on Playing Cards

"Americana" is a term used to describe artefacts and cultural elements that are typically associated with American history, folklore, and heritage. It may be used to evoke a sense of nostalgia or a romanticized vision of American culture from a bygone era. This might include items such as vintage clothing, antique furniture, old photographs, folk music, regional cuisine, traditions and even architecture.

Amerindian 33 Amerindian Art on playing cards

"Amerindian" refers to the indigenous peoples of the Americas, including North, Central, and South America, as well as the Caribbean islands. These peoples are also sometimes referred to as Native Americans or Indigenous Peoples, and they have unique cultures, languages, and histories that predate European colonization of the Americas.

In certain instances these people have suffered injustice and/or exploitation, and experience ongoing struggles for recognition and reparation.

Animation 27 Animation Themed Playing Cards
Animation-themed playing cards merge the artistry of beloved animated worlds with card games, attracting collectors, animation enthusiasts and those seeking a unique gaming experience.

These visually engaging decks showcase iconic characters and scenes from a diverse range of animated works, infusing each card with a sense of playfulness and nostalgia. The decks here span classic Disney animation to the imaginative realms of Studio Ghibli, popular animated television series like The Simpsons and Adventure Time, and the action-packed Marvel Animated Universe.
Anime 3
Anonymous 8
Arabic 27 Arabic

In addition to the Arabic language or the people who speak it, "Arabic" can also be used to refer to cultural, historical or geographical elements associated with the Arab world. This can include literature, music, art, cuisine and architecture, as well as history, politics, religion, traditions and social structures of different Arab societies. It is worth noting that the term "Arabic" may have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used.

Architecture 8
Army 13 Army Playing Cards

Army-themed playing cards are decks designed with images and information related to the armed forces and are mainly used for educational or entertainment purposes. They typically feature Army-related imagery such as soldiers, military vehicles and equipment, and may include rank insignia and other symbols associated with Army life.

• See also "Most Wanted" • "Military" • "Wartime"

Art & Design 296 The Art & Design of Playing Cards
The playing card calls for artistic treatment and although the constrained size imposes some limitations there is an almost bewildering wealth and variety of designs in playing cards and their tuck boxes. The serious player requires design to be unobtrusive so that aesthetic considerations remain in the background. However, with modern manufacturing technology more eye-catching designs are becoming popular as gifts, collectibles and for their attractive appearance.
Art Deco 21
Art Gallery 33
Art Nouveau & Jugendstil 30 Art Nouveau & Jugendstil on Playing Cards
Art Nouveau, also known as Jugendstil, was an artistic movement that emerged in Europe in the late 19th century, around the 1890s. It was inspired by a desire to break away from the academic and historicist styles that dominated art and design at the time and to create a new, modern aesthetic that reflected the changing world and the spirit of the age. Major influences on the Art Nouveau movement were the growing interest in Eastern art and design, including “exotica”, curvilinear forms and decorative motifs drawn from nature, and advances in technology. Playing cards provide many elegant and refined examples of this style, with intricate designs, bold patterns, and vibrant colours.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) 3
Asescoin 9
Asterix 4
Astrology 12
Astronomy 7
Aviation 50 Aviation Playing Cards
This list provides a collection of articles that feature the history, designs and promotion of aviation on playing cards. From the historical deck designs of WWI to the modern versions produced today, each article provides a unique insight into the fascinating world of aviation on playing cards.
Backs 13
Banking & Finance 23 Banking & Finance Themed Playing Cards
Banking and finance-themed playing cards feature designs and imagery inspired by money, banking, finance and insurance, often incorporating logos, slogans and other branding elements from these institutions.

While these decks may serve as promotional materials, they also offer a unique way to present finance-related concepts, making financial institutions more accessible and entertaining.
Baroque 2
Bath 4
Batman 4
Bavaria 5
Benno 5
Biblical 15
Bibliography 2
Bingo 3
Black-Peter 18 Black Peter
‘Pekka’, an additional card in the set, is an ethically-incorrect golly look-alike card, embodying the caricature of foreign heritage without a status or family structure. In other countries the game is often known as ‘Old Maid’, ‘Black Peter’, ‘Petter-spel’ or ‘Schwarzer Peter’.
Blyton 5
Bollywood 1
Bolognese 5
Botany 16
Bourgeois 4
Breweries 50 Breweries and Brewing Playing Cards
Most of these packs are designed as advertising for beer brands and breweries, featuring their logos, slogans, beer labels and other marketing messages. These themed playing cards often incorporate designs and imagery inspired by the brewing process, such as beer bottles, pint glasses and brewing equipment, making them a visually engaging and fun collector's item for beer enthusiasts.
Brexit 3
Brittany 3
Bubble 2
Bullfight 11
Cambio 1
Canaries 4
Cannabis 4
Card-Sharping 3
Cardistry 5
Caricatures 63 Caricatures on Playing Cards
Caricatures on playing cards often feature comical or satirical depictions of people or events, and can provide insight into the cultural and political climate of their time.
Carnival 2
Cartomancy 95 Cartomancy and Fortune-Telling
Playing cards are used for fortune-telling, predicting the future or even as a psychological adjunct to folk medicine and therapy. Turning another card illumines the moment and new clarity emerges.
Cartoon 125
Casino 16 Casinos & Playing Cards

Casinos have long been associated with the glamorous world of gambling and entertainment, and playing cards are an essential part of the casino experience.

Not only used for traditional card games such as poker, blackjack and baccarat, playing cards are also a key component in casino branding, merchandising and advertising. Casinos often use custom-designed playing cards featuring their logos, slogans and security features to promote their brand and enhance the overall gaming experience for their customers.

See also ‘Casino’ brand

Cats 13
Celluloid 2
Celtic 18
Cerveza 4
Cheirology (Hand Reading) 1
Chess 7
Chibi 3
Childhood 74 Playing Cards from Childhood
Playing Cards from Childhood highlight card games that have entertained and educated young generations. With imaginative illustrations and engaging designs, these games promote strategic thinking, social interaction and friendly competition. Rediscover their timeless charm and the role they play in fostering creativity, skill development and treasured memories for children worldwide.
Children 16
Chocolate 17 Chocolate
These packs feature imagery inspired by chocolate that frequently serve as advertising for chocolate manufacturers and confectionery companies, often featuring their logos, slogans and other marketing messages.
Chromolithography 5
Circular 21
Circus 8
Clown 9
Co-op 2
Cocktail 5
Collaborative 39 Creative Collaborations, Multiple Artists
Creative collaborations and the inclusion of numerous artists have resulted in an increase of distinctive and aesthetically striking card decks.

The collaboration of multiple artists in playing card design represents a noteworthy trend. Working together with different artists allows designers to access a variety of viewpoints and talents, resulting in the development of more original and captivating playing card designs. Each artist involved in the collaboration brings their own unique style, vision and technique to the project, whilst the result is a cohesive deck.
Collectible 2
Collecting 29
Collectors 15
Colouring 3
Columbus 4
Comic Books 33 Comic Books & Playing Cards
Discover the interesting blend of comic books and playing cards, featuring classic characters from The Beano and the Muppets to Superman and Marvel's X-Men. These packs are ideal for collectors and enthusiasts alike, they celebrate creativity and imagination through beloved comic icons.
Commemorative 111
Computers & Technology 9
Cossack 2
Counties 4
Courts 28
Craft 9
Cubism 5
Currency 20
Cutting 1
Cyberpunk 5
Designers 16
Dickens 6
Digital 3
Disability 2
Distillery 29
Dogs 12
Donkey 7
Dragons 9
Dynasties 6
Education 139 Instructive and Educational Playing Cards & Games

Many packs are instructive or educational and designed to facilitate learning rather than just for play. Educational playing cards are a great way to learn new facts, or to review information that you already know. When the design of the illustrations is appropriate and amusing this helps to engage the imagination in the topic which can then be memorised more easily.

• See also: History of Educational and Instructive playing cards

Egg 2
Elements 2
Engineering 18
Engraved 20
Ephemera 61
Epinal 1
Erotic 28
Estanco 10
Estrella 2
Ethnic & Indigenous 120 Ethnic & Indigenous Identities
In the twenty-first century we must embrace the diversity of our shrinking world. Playing cards often depict national or ethnic identities, cultures, worldviews, and native communities. These representations show the indigenous capacity to assert dignity amidst modernity, sometimes outshining even the fashion industry.

See also: NationalismPolitics

Etteilla 5
Excise 4
Exposition 6
Facsimiles & Replicas 86 Facsimiles, Replicas & Recreations of Playing Cards
Fanning 4
Fantasy 91
Fashion & Costume 85
Fasnachtskarten 3
Firearms 4
Folklore 76 Folklore and Local Traditions on Playing Cards
Folklore comes in many forms. Sometimes traditional story-telling preserves legends about local characters or events. Folklore may be rooted in the traditional cultures of the peoples who settled in the area, or of the local, indigenous people. It may involve music, dance, belief, objects, customs and so on.
Food & Cooking 53
Football 34
Four Colour 3
Frizzle Ace 4
Fuk 2
Gaigel 2
Galapagos 2
Galicia 4
Gardel 5
Garter Ace 3
Gaucho 20 Gaucho
Florencio de los Ángeles Molina Campos (1891-1959) produced the artwork for his series of Gaucho playing cards from 1944 to 1958.
Geography 26
Golly 4
Gothic 10
Graphology 1
Gypsy 2
Halloween 6
Hand-Painted 18
Health 41
Heraldry 9
Hijitus 2
Hindu 3
Hispanoamericana 7
Historic 10
Historical 31
History 175 The History of Playing Cards
Playing Cards have been around in Europe since the 1370s. Some early packs were hand painted works of art which were expensive and affordable only by the wealthy. But as demand increased cheaper methods of production were discovered so that playing cards became available for everyone...
Hoechst 2
Humanist 1
Humour 124 Humour on playing cards
Humour on playing cards can come in many forms, and may take the shape of witty, satirical and amusing images, cartoons or text that are printed on the cards. Humour is often used to add an element of fun and light-heartedness to a game, or to make a product more appealing.
Hunting 20
Ibero-Americana 2
Illuminated 8
Imperial 9
Importer 9
Impuestos 7
Inclusive Identities 9
Indices 13
Inka 4
Innovation 34
International 2
Interview 2
Java 2
Joker 17 Joker
The 'Joker' is believed to have been invented by American Euchre players who, when modifying the rules sometime during the 1860s, decided that an extra trump card was required.
Jubilee 6
K-Pop 2
Kabbalah 1
Kickstarter 115 Kickstarter & Crowd Funded Playing Cards
Kickstarter is a site where people can conditionally pay for new products that would only exist if funding goals are met.
Kinder-Karte 1
King Arthur 1
Knavery 1
Kober 1
Kriegs-Spiel 1
Lady Charlotte Schreiber 3
Lattmann 1
Lequart 1
Letterpress 1
Liebig 1
Lifestyle 1
Literature 89 Literature and Playing Cards
Wherever there is freedom of expression books, articles and other literary sources such as adventure stories, folk tales, historical or scientific literature have all been inspiration for artists, including designers of playing cards and educational games.
Lithography 2
Llewellyn 1
Luxury 36 Luxury Playing Cards
Luxury packs of cards have been produced since the 15th century, a trend that is very popular among collectors today.
Luxusbild 1
Lyle 1
Mafia 1
Magic 23 Conjuring and Magic
The art of mystifying people is very old indeed. The first conjurers were priests who obtained power over simple minds by performing magical tricks which appeared to have a supernatural origin.
Magnússon 2
Manga 4
Mantegna 1
Manufacturing Processes 19 Playing Card Manufacturing Processes
Traditionally cardmakers worked in guilds with long apprenticeships under master craftsmen.
Manx 1
Maori 3
Maps 6
Market 2
Masonic 3
Matches 3
Mate 2
Mathematical 6
Medicaer 1
Medical & Pharmaceutical 34
Medici 1
Medieval 38
Mermaid 2
Metal 3
Michaux 1
Microscopique 4
Mignon 1
Military 38 Military Playing Cards

Military-themed playing cards are a type of playing card that features images and designs related to the military. These cards are typically sold as novelty items or souvenirs and feature various military-related imagery such as soldiers, military vehicles, aircraft, and equipment. Military-themed playing cards serve as a way to showcase pride and admiration for the military and its history.

• See also "Most Wanted" • "Wartime" • "Army"

Millennium 2
Minchiate 5
Miniature 68 Miniature
Miniature Playing Cards from around the world.
minimalist 6
Monarch 1
Monkey 1
Most Wanted 22 'Most Wanted' Playing Cards

The 'Most Wanted' playing card series is based on the format of the 2003 Iraqi Most Wanted pack.

• See also "Army" • "Military" • "Wartime"

Movies & Film 105
Music 79 Music on Playing Cards
Music has played an important cultural and social function since prehistoric times. It helps form tribal bonds and enhances religious and spiritual practices. All kinds of music are depicted on playing cards and card games, from opera to popular music, ancient and contemporary.
Myths & Legends 44 Legends & Mythology on Playing Cards
The great struggle between Light and Darkness, between the Titans and the Gods, often reframed as The Evil Empire, dystopia/utopia or irreconcilable political opponents. These themes are frequently chosen by playing card designers to create imaginative and visually striking playing card or tarot card designs.
Napoleon 7
Nationalism 16
Nature & Environment 150 Nature, Wildlife & Environment on playing cards

Nature is filled with so much beauty that it’s only natural to feel uplifted in the presence of trees & birdsong. Sitting quietly in nature opens access the deeper states of peaceful consciousness that so many are seeking. Many artists have been inspired to design playing cards after spending quality time close to nature.

• See also Botany

Navy 38
Neapolitan 4
Nestlé 4
No Revoke 11 No Revoke
"No revoke" playing cards are designed to help reduce eye strain and the risk of players accidentally committing a revoke in trick-taking games like Bridge and Whist. "No revoke" cards typically replace the traditional red/black suits (hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs) with different colours, such as red, green, blue, and black so that the suits more easily recognizable during play.
Notgeld 3
Oliver Cromwell 1
Olympics 7
On the Cards 30 On the Cards
A Gallery of Playing Card Artists and Designers
Oracle 25
Orientalism 10
Osram 2
Palekh 6
Paper 12 Paper
The manufacture of the pasteboard used for playing cards contains a number of interesting processes including mingling, pasting and drying.
Parenting 1
Parksons 1
Patent 24
Patriotic 15
Pavias 1
PDF 79 PDFs & Downloads
A growing number of PDFs about playing cards available to read online or download.
Peerless 1
Pelaco 1
Perez 1
Peron 1
Persia 1
Peter Pan 3
Philately 12
Philips 3
Photography 89
Pilys 1
Pin-up 32 Pin-up Playing Cards

Feminine beauty has been appreciated since prehistory.

See also: Erotic Playing Cards

Pirates 14
Pirelli 1
Poetry 8
Political 180 Political Playing Cards
Political playing cards were introduced in the 17th century providing entertainment by satirising or deriding current events and leaders. Propaganda cards, Imperial decks, war cards and even educational card games all carry a message which relates to the politics of memory, the means by which events are remembered and recorded, the way history is written and passed on. Historical memory can be used to arouse emotional reactions...
Pollock 2
Pop Culture 107 Pop Culture in Playing Cards
As the ‘culture of the people’, contemporary popular culture is a product of economically more developed countries and arises from a combination of advances in technology and increased leisure time. Popular culture is also informed by the mass media. Iconic brands aim to be sold to large numbers of people as a commodity. Certain currents of pop culture may originate from or diverge into a subculture. Many new cardistry and kickstarter decks fall into this category.
Postmodern 4
Printing 14
Prison 8
Privata 1
Propaganda 9
Proverbs 9
Psychology 7
Punk 1
Questions 7
Railway 27
Rameses 1
Rami 2
Rawhide 3
recycled 4
Redheads 1
Relationships 5
Religion 25 Religion
Early engravers and print makers made devotional images for pilgrims and people who could not afford paintings or books. Many of these craftsmen turned their hand to manufacturing playing cards to earn extra income. Today playing cards are often produced to spread religious messages, teachings or for educational purposes.
Renaissance 11
Republic 2
Revolution 10
Richelieu 1
Robin Hood 2
Rococo 14
Rokoko 3
Romagnole 2
Rouennais 2
Rountree 1
Royalty 88
Safety 22
Saks 1
Sale List 2
Salomon 1
Sample Books 4
Samsó 1
Sardinia 4
Satire 35
Scenic 19
Schneider 1
Sci-Fi 39
Secondary Uses 10 Secondary Uses of Playing Cards
The unprinted backs of playing cards have led people to use them for secondary purposes such as memorandum slips, bibliographic index cards, for declarations of love, rendezvous notes, emergency money, visiting cards and so on.
Seconds 1
Shakespeare 17
Shipping 36
Sicilian 5
Sidecar 1
silk 3
Slavic 2
Slavonic 2
Social Justice 6
Social Media 2
Solitaire 9
Sony 2
Sopena 1
Souvenir 238 Souvenir Playing Cards
Tourist souvenir playing cards depict the aesthetic, political, social and economic conceptions of the countries to which they belong. They feature beauty spots, local customs, gastronomy, historic ruins or other attractions.
Space 17
Spelkort 1
Spelling 12
Sports 121
Stained-Glass 8
Stars 4
Steam-power 8
Steampunk 5
Stencilling 3 Playing Card Stencilling
Printing of Playing Cards :: Stencilling can usually be detected by observing the outlines of the coloured areas which are often irregular with brush strokes discernible in the coloured areas.
Submarine 1
Superheroes 12
Superman 3
Surrealism 8
Suspender 1
Swastika 5
Swimwear 1
Symbols 14
Tactical 1
Tacuabe 1
Tango 7
Tarot 128 Tarot
Tarot, originally a 15th century card game from Italy, has evolved into a form of personal mysticism and spiritual exploration, offering new visions of expanding awareness.
Tartan 7
Tattoo 9
Taurino 3
Tax 19
Tea 9
Telecommunications 13
Television 42
Test 1
Theatre 38
Thorsteinsson 1
Tiburón 1
Tobacco 56
Topographical 19
Toy Cards 14
Toyo 1
Trade-cards 7
Trades & Professions 17 Trades & Professions

Trades, crafts and professions are broad categories of occupations that require specialized knowledge, skills, and/or training.

In some decks of playing cards the standard court card hierarchy of Jack, Queen, King is replaced with different craft or trades people or professionals and also their equipment and tools. Similarly many card games are based around different families of trades people, as in ‘Happy Families’ who may be families of bakers, cobblers or doctors, and so on.

• See also Happy Families

Transformation 96 Transformation Playing Cards
The best-known fantasies with playing cards are the ‘Transformation’ cards. Hand-drawing ‘transformations’ onto a pack of ordinary playing cards, with the suit symbols forming part of the overall composition, became a popular pastime 200 years ago and a test of skill in drawing. A great deal of ingenuity is required in their design. The earliest printed sets were published at the start of the 19th century, often published in the form of an almanac or sometimes known as ‘metastasis’, and these became a fashionable and entertaining novelty.

In the strict sense of the word ‘Transformation’ the pips should be in their standard positions and form part of, or fit into, the overll image portrayed on the card.
Translucent 7
Transport 62
Trappola 4
Troubador 1
Truco 3
Turnhout 3
Turnhoutoise 1
Turques 2
Ukiyo-e 4
Vergnano 1
Victorian 38
Video Games 13
Videos 20
Viking 2
Vsoe 5
Warburg 4
Wartime 107 Wartime Playing Cards

Wartime playing cards and card games are those that were produced during times of war and were often designed with patriotic themes or propaganda messages. They were distributed to soldiers and civilians alike and served as a form of entertainment and morale booster during times of conflict. Wartime playing cards often feature images of military leaders, soldiers and patriotic symbols, such as national flags or eagles.

• See also "Most Wanted" • "Military" • "Army"

Water Margin 3
Wellness 3
Whisky 21
Whitney 1
Willeb 2
Wills 9
Wine 12 Wine Playing Cards
Playing cards and wine have been two culturally significant pastimes that have been enjoyed by people for centuries. Since medieval times, playing cards have been a symbol of leisure, socialisation and competition, while wine has been similarly revered as a beverage of celebration, communion and refinement. The combination of these two has produced some great card designs, reflecting the tastes and styles of different eras and regions.
Winnie-the-Pooh 4
Woodblock 20 Woodblock (Xylography or Block Printed) Playing Cards

This section focuses on "Woodblock (Xylography or Block Printed) Playing Cards". Originating in 9th-century China and later appearing in 14th-century Europe, these cards represent significant historical and cultural shifts. The prominence of woodblock printing increased in the 15th century. This list showcases examples of these card packs, along with several articles detailing the woodblock printing process.

Woodland 3
Woolworth 1
Wrapper 1
Zodiac 6
Zombies 6
Zoology 16