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Albinas Borisevičius

Member since July 01, 2010

I have been collecting cards since 1968, of course, then there were no contacts with world collectors, so my collection was very small. It was only in 1991, when Lithuania declared its independence, that it was possible to have contact with the world. It was a great honor for me to attend the IPCS convention in Munich, where I found many friends-colleagues. I managed to make an agreement with the Viennese card factory to print the ancient cards of Lithuania (PILYS).

My area of collecting - classic mirror-type cards and tourist cards - with images of cities, countries, photos. Also topics Sherlock Holmes, Alexander Dumas, Discover, Chess, Basketball, postage stamps on the cards. Since I am already 75 years old, I don't work, so I can't buy old cards (I really like classic cards from the 1920-1950 period). But my opinion is that it is better to have a card copy than nothing, so I will print one set of cards in Vilnius for my collection. Of course, if anyone wants, I can print it for them too. You can see my printed cards here: Lithuania - Orija.

I have published one book in Lithuania about cards and card games (in Lithuanian, about 400 pages): Albinas Borisevicius. Pirmasis padalijimas (The first deal)