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Diane O'Donovan

Member since January 09, 2002

Retired university lecturer. Researcher into the origins of playing cards in Europe, the internal structure of the pack, court cards, the tarot symbols, etc.

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The Place of the Fool

This paper considers three questions relating to the Fool-card in the tarot-pack.

Shipman’s Guide: early card-packs and the Arcana

In late medieval Europe, among the various forms of card-sets that were tried, two were apparently found most useful.

Michael Scot's rebus figure of "Juppiter" as prototype for the tarot pack's "Magus”/”Bateleur”

A precursor for the 'Bateleur'/'Magus' included in the major arcana of our tarot pack.

1500 Hand-Painted Tarocchi Cards

Hand-Painted Tarocchi Cards

Hand-painted Tarocchi cards sometimes known as ‘Charles VI tarot’, North Italy, 1475-1500.