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Sherlock Holmes

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EPCS February 1993 Newsletter

EPCS February 1993 Newsletter Members Only

75th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage in Great Britain • Sherlock Holmes • H.P. Gibson • The Card & Dice Office • Evasion of Stamp Duty in the Early 19th Century • Worshipful Company Pack 1992 • Libby's Happy Families • The Orange Wench and Her Merry Monarch • OXO • Chesterfield Tube Company • De La Rue • London Opinion "Limerique"

EPCS October 2023 Newsletter

EPCS October 2023 Newsletter Members Only

Thomas Creswick c.1829 • Winstanley King of Clubs • S.P.G. Caribbean Happy Families • Alice in Wonderland - De La Rue • Pepys • William Bowes - Cardmaker • A Very Rare Pack of English Standard Playing Cards • I Commit • Crime and Punishment • Two Rugby Games • Kirno • 17th Century Court Cards

Sherlock Holmes 1989

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes deck with caricatures by Jeff Decker published by Gemaco Playing Card Co. 1989.

Sherlock Holmes illustrated playing cards

Sherlock Holmes illustrated playing cards

Sherlock Holmes playing cards with illustrations by Sidney Paget, United Kingdom

Sherlock Holmes Playing Cards 2013

Sherlock Holmes Playing Cards

Three fine deck of playing cards inspired by the characters and stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.