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45: New Zealand

There are three main NZ makers that I'm aware of: A.D. Willis, John Dickinson, and Strong & Ready.

45: New Zealand

A. D. Willis

A. D. Willis, playing card manufacturer, Wanganui, New Zealand

A. D. Willis


Maori themed playing cards from New Zealand depicting Maori Kings, Queens and Chiefs


Muir & Moodie Pictorial

Muir & Moodie Pictorial playing cards, New Zealand, c.1903

Muir & Moodie Pictorial 1903

New Zealand Souvenir

Souvenir from New Zealand by Croxley (John Dickinson) c.1950.

New Zealand Souvenir 1940

Origins Playing Cards

Rick Davidson's “Origins” playing cards is an inspired, present-day re-design of the standard Anglo-American deck

Origins Playing Cards 2014

Souvenir of New Zealand

Souvenir of New Zealand produced by Hema Maps NZ Limited

Souvenir of New Zealand

Views of New Zealand

Views of New Zealand published by G.B.Scott Souvenirs, Auckland, c.1960.

Views of New Zealand 1960

Zombie Bride Cards and Game by Gerad Taylor

Are you a fan of the undead? Vampires and zombies that have risen from the grave? Then this is a deck for you; the creatures featured on this pack are part-zombie and part-vampire. As Gerad Taylor, the creator of this deck, likes to call them "Zompires".

Zombie Bride Cards and Game by Gerad Taylor 2015

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