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Baraja de Alava 1994

Baraja de Alava

55 different paintings by Emilio Lope depicting the history and culture of Vitoria and the province of Álava.

Deportistas Guipuzcoanos 1999

Deportistas Guipuzcoanos

Guipuzcoa’s best athletes of the twentieth century, playing cards sponsored by El Diario Vasco and Euskaltel, manufactured by Heraclio Fournier, 1999.

Euskal Herriko Mitologia 2018

Euskal Herriko Mitologia

Important figures from Basque mythology, named in four languages.

Jeu des 7 familles basques 2022

Jeu des 7 familles basques

A Happy Families-type game from the Basque country, with designs by Soledad Bravi and Agathe de Lastic.

Naipes Kukuxumusu 2006

Naipes Kukuxumusu

A 52-card Spanish-suited advertising pack for a clothing company in Pamplona.

Postak – Las Postas 1996

Postak – Las Postas

‘Postak - Las Postas’ playing cards commemorating the history of the Basque postal service, Spain, 1996.

Tarot – Images du Pays Basque 2024

Tarot – Images du Pays Basque

Seventy-eight photographic images of the French Basque Country on a pack for playing the game of Tarot.