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Baraja Infantil made in Cuba

Baraja Infantil made in Cuba

cards from a 40-card children's "Questions and Answers" game. The Spanish suit signs have been changed to tambourines, yo-yos, swords and skittles. Printed lithographically in Cuba, c.1930.

Latin American Playing Cards

Latin American Playing Cards

Playing cards had been introduced to the Americas with explorers such as Columbus or Cortés, whose fellow countrymen were keen gamblers. Cards were imported from Spain since the 16th century. Local production usually imitated Spanish cards.

Playing Cards in Cuba

Playing Cards in Cuba

During the colonial years and afterwards, Spanish-suited packs were imported into Cuba.

Wüst playing cards with International scenic aces 1900

Wüst playing cards with International scenic aces

A rarely seen pack of cards

Wüst Spanish pattern 1910

Wüst Spanish pattern

Wüst Spanish pattern c.1910 advertising Cuban ‘Tropical’ beer.