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Richard Doyle (1824-1883)

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Bread & Honey 1900

Bread & Honey

A charming Victorian family card game involving Clowns, Queens, Kings, Maids and thirty-seven Blackbirds manufactured by Thos De la Rue, c.1900.

Cheery Families, c.1893 1893

Cheery Families, c.1893

Cheery Families card game designed by Richard Doyle and printed by De La Rue & Co., Ltd, c.1893

Spin & Old Maid 1893

Spin & Old Maid

Lovely Victorian family card game with illustrations by the famous humorous artist, cartoonist and illustrator Richard Doyle (1824-1883)

Stop Thief & Snip-Snap 1895

Stop Thief & Snip-Snap

Another late Victorian family card game by Thomas de la Rue & Co Ltd, c.1895 with beautifully illustrated period characters.