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Antique Swiss Playing Cards, c.1530 1530

Antique Swiss Playing Cards, c.1530

The Swiss national suit system of shields, acorns, hawkbells and flowers originated sometime during the fifteenth century.

Frauejass 1998


‘Frauejass / le Jass au féminin’ designed by Susan Csomor, Switzerland, c. 1998.

Jass Allemand 1982

Jass Allemand

Egbert Moehsnang produced this contemporary Swiss-suited, double-ended pack, based on original XV century sources, but they were shunned by card players.

Mini Jass 1974

Mini Jass

Pocket-size cards with modern designs for playing the Swiss national card game, Jass.

Modern Swiss-German Pattern 2000

Modern Swiss-German Pattern

Modern Swiss-German Pattern by AGMüller, c.2000.

Schweizer Luxus-Jasskarte No.41 1921

Schweizer Luxus-Jasskarte No.41

The lower and upper knaves are depicted in a vibrant and lively manner, while the enthroned kings are more ponderous. The traditional Swiss Shield court cards also have beer tankards with a barrel on the Deuce.

Schwyzer Fasnachts-Jass 1991

Schwyzer Fasnachts-Jass

Traditional carnival figures from the Swiss canton Schwyz, as interpreted by the artist Léon Schnyder.

Standard Swiss-German pattern (single-ended) 1950

Standard Swiss-German pattern (single-ended)

20th century version of a single-ended Swiss-German pattern pack for the game of Jass.

Swiss Playing Cards by David Hurter, c.1830 1830

Swiss Playing Cards by David Hurter, c.1830

David Hurter had begun to build up a playing card business in Schaffhausen during the late 18th century.