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A New Look at the Evolution of Whist Markers and Gaming Counters

A New Look at the Evolution of Whist Markers and Gaming Counters

This article aims to illustrate the evolution of whist and gaming counters from the 18th century to the 20th.

Bezique Markers, 1860-1960

Bezique Markers, 1860-1960

Bezique is a two-player melding and trick-taking game. Dr. Pole introduced Bezique to England in 1861, but it wasn't popular until 1869.

Card Game Items and contemporary advertisements

Card Game Items and contemporary advertisements

It is often difficult to identify the origin, manufacturer and date of a card game boxed set and other card game artifacts.

De La Rue Pocket Guides 1864

De La Rue Pocket Guides

The 19th Century saw the production, by all of the major companies, of pocket guides or “mini-books” on every type of game.

EPCS August 1991 Newsletter

EPCS August 1991 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS August 1999 Newsletter

EPCS August 1999 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS February 2001 Newsletter

EPCS February 2001 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS February 2004 Newsletter

EPCS February 2004 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS June 2004 Newsletter

EPCS June 2004 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS October 2000 Newsletter

EPCS October 2000 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS October 2002 Newsletter

EPCS October 2002 Newsletter Members Only

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Foster’s Self-Playing Whist Cards 1890

Foster’s Self-Playing Whist Cards

In 1890 R. F. Foster published the first edition of “Foster’s Whist Manual” which was to become the bible for serious whist players for the next two decades.

History and Evolution of Spades

History and Evolution of Spades

History and Evolution of Spades

International Football Whist 1947

International Football Whist

International Football Whist published by Pepys Games, 1947.

Majority Calling and Value Bidding in Auction Bridge; a little bit of history

Majority Calling and Value Bidding in Auction Bridge; a little bit of history

The centuries-old game of Whist mutated through various stages into Contract Bridge as we know it today in a little over thirty years. Here Tony Hall describes and contrasts one small, but significant, stage in the process as it evolved on the two sides of the Atlantic.

No.4 Special Whist 1889

No.4 Special Whist

No.4 Special Whist (American Skat) playing cards made by the Russell & Morgan Printing Company, 1889.

Progressive Whist Cards

Progressive Whist Cards

There are references to “progressive whist” or “whist drives” during the 19th and early years of the 20th century but this form of the game came into its own during the 1920s and 30s.

Progressive Whist Cards - page 2

Progressive Whist Cards - page 2

Wireless Whist itself, in many forms...

Progressive Whist Cards - page 3

Progressive Whist Cards - page 3

There were various Sports and Sporting Whist themes... and tobacco advertising on score cards.

T. Drayton & Son 1875

T. Drayton & Son

Bezique and Whist boxed sets by T. Drayton & Son, London, c.1875.