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Closely following the development of visual advertising in general, such as on labels, packaging, posters and TV commercials, advertising playing cards seek to find ways to associate products with our inner desires and longings, with our identity and who we want to be. Some packs are widely distributed as part of larger promotions, others are more exclusive. In some cases single cards are collected from inside the advertised product, thereby stimulating further sales to complete a full set.

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Wiggins Teape “Hi-Speed” playing cards 1970

Wiggins Teape “Hi-Speed” playing cards

Wiggins Teape “Hi-Speed” playing cards manufactured by Waddingtons, c.1970.

Wills’s Happy Families game 1930

Wills’s Happy Families game

Wills’s “Happy Families” cards were issued by the Imperial Tobacco Company (of Great Britain and Ireland) Limited in around 1930.

Wine Labels & Chocolate Biscuits 2022

Wine Labels & Chocolate Biscuits

‘Pinta en Copas’ playing card-themed wine labels sold at Día Supermarkets.

Wolfgang Dorn Werbe 1985

Wolfgang Dorn Werbe

Designs by Jürgen Pankarz for the 20th anniversary of the Wolfgang Dorn advertising agency, Cologne.

Yowie 1999


Yowie Game Cards, a promotional item supplied by Cadbury Ltd and published by Kidcorp, c.1999.

Zole 1936


Alfreds Scwedrevitz playing card designs used to advertise Zole Vodka but which were never published.

ZPA Trutnov 1988

ZPA Trutnov

Publicity pack for a Czech company making mains receivers and electrical control units.