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Dragon Fanning Deck

Dragon Fanning Deck

This set of cards published by DP Group Ltd (Japan) allows the performer to create different fans

Legends Playing Cards 2013

Legends Playing Cards

Legends Playing Card Company (founded 2013) aspires to print the highest quality playing cards and packaging in the world.

Mechanical Decks – Part 2

Mechanical Decks – Part 2

This article examines the Rough and Smooth principle in mechanical decks used in magic, detailing several types such as the Invisible, Brainwave, Split, and Nudist Decks. It explores their history and usage without revealing the specific methods behind their magic tricks.

Portuguese Conjuring Playing Cards 1850

Portuguese Conjuring Playing Cards

Portuguese Conjuring Playing Cards, c.1850.

The Cardini Playing Cards

The Cardini Playing Cards

Richard Valentine Pitchford, better known as Cardini, is one of that select band of performers who became legends during their own lifetimes