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Cats and Dogs Royale Playing Cards 2015

Cats and Dogs Royale Playing Cards

Two collectable sets of cards featuring Cats and Dogs as Royalty through the ages.

Coolidge playing cards 2008

Coolidge playing cards

Coolidge playing cards featuring dogs playing poker, Aquarius, USA, 2008.

Dogs 2016


‘Dogs’ playing cards showcases 52 canine portraits in four suits as authors, artists, musicians and film stars, illustrated by Chet Phillips, 2016

EPCS February 1987 Newsletter

EPCS February 1987 Newsletter Members Only

Unusual Waddington Pack • British Playing Cards Limited • The Cardboard Court • English Standard Card Manufacturers (Part 1) Woolley & Co • Georges Brewery Bristol • Card Game Manufacturers (Part 1) H & A Mullord Brothers • Collateral Branches of the English/American Family • 3 Decks of John Waddington in the limelight • Snap (Part 1) Globe Series of Games • A Collecting Theme: Dogs

EPCS February 1994 Newsletter

EPCS February 1994 Newsletter Members Only

BONZO • George Ernest Study • De La Rue • Advertising • Happy Families • John Jaques • Worshipful Company Pack 1993 • Wills's Bridge • Goodall's Historic Series • Nursery Land • Film Star Packs • Hollywood Greats • Telley Tea • Beer Bottle Labels • Karl Gerich

EPCS February 1998 Newsletter

EPCS February 1998 Newsletter Members Only

Transformation • Tennis Snap • Happy Families • Worshipful Pack 1997 • Biggles • Richard Edward Ltd • Hall & Son • Waddingtons • American War of Independence • Hollywood Great Movie Stars • Glory of Venice • Famous Dogs of the World

EPCS February 2024 Newsletter

EPCS February 2024 Newsletter Members Only

Lenthall's Delightful Cards • Cards supposedly by Wheeler • No, It Isn't an Early Wheeler • Chloe Campbell's Wren Cards • Speed: the Motor Cards • “Melox” Happy Families • Playing Cards for the Pegu Club • Military Card Backs • The Worshipful Company • Cards 2023-24 • The Blitz and Wartime Card Production in Britain • Henry Reason's Game of Parliament • Aesop's Fables

Pack of dogs 2017

Pack of dogs

Pack of dogs playing cards with portraits by Gina Andrews, England, 2017.

Pack of Dogs 2006

Pack of Dogs

Pack of Dogs playing cards designed by John Littleboy. Every card tells a story...

Paw Patrol 2016

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol Jumbo Playing Cards by Cardinal 2016.

Schwarzer Peter mit Hundebildern 1960

Schwarzer Peter mit Hundebildern

Humorous dog-themed Black Peter game illustrated by Willy Mayrl, c.1960.

Waddington’s Dog Series

Waddington’s Dog Series

Waddington’s Dog Series, 1933