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Humour on playing cards can come in many forms, and may take the shape of witty, satirical and amusing images, cartoons or text that are printed on the cards. Humour is often used to add an element of fun and light-heartedness to a game, or to make a product more appealing.

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Opernkarte I 1984

Opernkarte I

Humorous designs by Peter Becker on the theme of the Opera.

Orientierungslauf Skat 1989

Orientierungslauf Skat

Humorous designs by Helmut Härtelt on the subject of orienteering.

Politically Wild John McCain 2008

Politically Wild John McCain

“Politically Wild John McCain” published by Newt’s Playing Cards, USA, 2008.

Politicards 1971 1972

Politicards 1971

Politicards 1971 for the presidential election in which Richard Nixon won a landslide victory.

Politicards 1984 1984

Politicards 1984

Politicards 1984 with caricatures by Donald Gates, published by the Kamber Group, USA.

Politicards 2004 2004

Politicards 2004

Politicards 2004 with satirical cartoons by the award-winning illustrator Peter Green, USA.

Politicards 2008 2008

Politicards 2008

Politicards ’08 with caricatures cast as characters from classic movies, USA.

Politicards 2016 & Politikids 2016 2016

Politicards 2016 & Politikids 2016

Politicards™ 2016 & Politikids 2016: twin decks of satirical playing cards produced by Peter Green for the 2016 presidential election.

Pranks & Mimics for the Party

Pranks & Mimics for the Party

Pranks & Mimics for the Party, 1950s.

Preposterous playing cards

Preposterous playing cards

Preposterous playing cards by Simon Drew published by British Heritage Ltd, Herts.

Punch & Judy 1956

Punch & Judy

Punch and Judy card game published by Pepys, 1956.

Republican Chickenhawks of America 2003

Republican Chickenhawks of America

“Republican Chickenhawks of America” playing cards by Jerry A. Vasilatos, USA, 2003.

Royal Pavilion at Brighton

Royal Pavilion at Brighton

The Royal Pavilion, also known as the Brighton Pavilion, is an Asian-style palace built for King George IV when he was Prince of Wales.

Russian Dumpling Club

Russian Dumpling Club

Russkii Pel'mennyi Klub (Russian Dumpling Club) playing cards designed by Evgenia Alexandrovna Belyakova.

Schott's sporting gaming & idling miscellany 2004

Schott's sporting gaming & idling miscellany

Schott's sporting gaming & idling miscellany, United Kingdom, 2004.

Schwäbisch Hall 1975

Schwäbisch Hall

Schwäbisch Hall building society publicity deck designed by Alex Kardas, c.1975.

Schwarzer Peter mit Hundebildern 1960

Schwarzer Peter mit Hundebildern

Humorous dog-themed Black Peter game illustrated by Willy Mayrl, c.1960.

Scouting playing cards 2003

Scouting playing cards

Cartoon-style illustrations promoting a Belgian organisation for scouts and guides.

Soldaty Udachi 2001

Soldaty Udachi

“Soldaty Udachi” (Soldiers of Fortune) Army and Police humour playing cards, Russia, 2001.

Spot the Difference 1998

Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference playing cards published in "Razvlekatel’naia Gazetka" newspaper, 1998-1999.