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Bertrand Domec, Buenos Aires 1904-1970

Bertrand Domec, Buenos Aires 1904-1970

Bertrand Domec was an importer of playing cards into Argentina, 1904-1970.

Casa Jacobo Peuser

Casa Jacobo Peuser

Casa Jacobo Peuser was originally founded in 1867, and was involved in the importation of playing cards into Argentina during the period (approx.) c.1920-1950.

EPCS August 1989 Newsletter

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EPCS August 1993 Newsletter

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EPCS May 1989 Newsletter

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EPCS May 1993 Newsletter

EPCS May 1993 Newsletter Members Only

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Imported Argentinean Playing Cards

Imported Argentinean Playing Cards

There has been a number of importing agents, as well as manufacturers from other countries, who have imported playing cards into Argentina.

Julio Laje 1930

Julio Laje

Julio Laje, importing agent for playing cards, Aconquija 2981, Buenos Aires, c.1930-1960.