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Malam playing cards 2015

Malam playing cards

Malam playing cards created by Michael Muldoon, USA, 2015.

Mana Playing Cards 2014

Mana Playing Cards

These beautiful playing cards designed by Erik Mana aren't just your ordinary set but they also hold a secret codes and riddle.

Mardi Gras playing cards 2015

Mardi Gras playing cards

Mardi Gras playing cards illustrated by Dave Edgerly, USA, 2015

Meeple Playing Cards 2014

Meeple Playing Cards

Meeple playing cards is where the iconic shape of the “meeple” used in many board games meets playing cards.



Memento, a unique Playing Card Deck designed by Valerio Aversa and Antonios Fiala, inspired by the history of playing card design.

Metropol NOX Playing Cards 2013

Metropol NOX Playing Cards

A custom deck of playing cards designed with a modern, minimalist flair.

Moderne Art Deco Playing Cards 2015

Moderne Art Deco Playing Cards

This pack created by Randy Coffey is based on the 1920s and 1930s Art Deco style of fine decoration and fashion.

Moorish Deck 2023

Moorish Deck

Review of “Trzes’ Moorish Deck” facsimile published by Ulrich Kaltenborn, Berlin, 2023.

Mucha Playing Cards 2022

Mucha Playing Cards

Mucha Playing Cards, a deck of playing cards that pays tribute to the artwork of Alphonse Mucha.

Murphy Varnish pack 2019

Murphy Varnish pack

Reproduction of the 1883 Murphy Varnish transformation pack, USA, 2019

Newtropolis and the Fantastic Fur 2015

Newtropolis and the Fantastic Fur

Newtropolis and the Fantastic Fur: Heroes vs. Villains playing cards illustrated by Peter Wood, 2015.

Nipponia Playing Cards 2015

Nipponia Playing Cards

Nipponia Playing Cards are a Japanese-themed playing cards featuring samurai, kunoichi and oiran. Designed by Kieran Alexander.

No. 17 (Bicycle®) playing cards 2015

No. 17 (Bicycle®) playing cards

No. 17 playing cards designed by Lorenzo Gaggiotti, Sweden, 2015.

OCCO Game of Tarot 2013

OCCO Game of Tarot

Scott Hill has been working on a tarot pack which can also be used to play card games, the pack has been designed to revive tarot and make it a fun and social interaction.

Old West Guns 2018

Old West Guns

Old West Guns playing cards containing information about firearms from the Old West, USA.

Omnia Playing Cards 2015

Omnia Playing Cards

Inspired by ancient symbology and traditional playing cards, Omnia is the third pack designed by Giovanni Meroni, 2015.

Oracle - Mystifying Playing Cards 2014

Oracle - Mystifying Playing Cards

A pack inspired by subjects such as spirituality, the occult, ouija boards, spirit photography and generally all things spooky.

Origins Playing Cards 2014

Origins Playing Cards

Rick Davidson's “Origins” playing cards is an inspired, present-day re-design of the standard Anglo-American deck

Pagan Playing Cards by Uusi 2014

Pagan Playing Cards by Uusi

A beautifully hand-painted pack inspired by wildlife and the wilderness created by the Uusi design studio.

Pixel Tarot 2022

Pixel Tarot

This tarot deck pays tribute to the golden age of pixelated video games, drawing inspiration from the simplicity of pixel art graphics.