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Political playing cards were introduced in the 17th century providing entertainment by satirising or deriding current events and leaders. Propaganda cards, Imperial decks, war cards and even educational card games all carry a message which relates to the politics of memory, the means by which events are remembered and recorded, the way history is written and passed on. Historical memory can be used to arouse emotional reactions...

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The Deck of Hillary 2003

The Deck of Hillary

‘The Deck of Hillary’ with quotes and photographs of Hillary Clinton, USA, 2003.

The Great Storm 2003

The Great Storm

The Great Storm, Israel, 2003

The Liberty Deck 1994

The Liberty Deck

Portraits, signatures and brief biographies of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

The President’s deck 1972

The President’s deck

The President’s deck, USA, 1972

The Presidents playing cards 2007

The Presidents playing cards

The Presidents playing cards first published by Arcturus LLC in 2007, reprinted in 2009.

Theatre of Pain / Teatr Boli 2005

Theatre of Pain / Teatr Boli

Theatre of Pain / Teatr boli playing cards depicting politicians and leaders in the Caucasus territorial disputes.

Trump playing cards 2016

Trump playing cards

Trump playing cards produced by the Godesky brothers, USA, 2016.

Trump Presidential playing cards 2015

Trump Presidential playing cards

Trump Presidential playing cards by Parody Productions, USA, 2015.

Try’em playing cards 2003

Try’em playing cards

Try’em: the U.S. Regime Change, or “52 Most Wanted Criminals” c. 2003.

U.S. Presidents playing cards 2015

U.S. Presidents playing cards

U.S. Presidents Bicycle playing cards designed by Johnny Whaam, USA, 2015

United Nations of Weasels 2003

United Nations of Weasels

“United Nations of Weasels” anti-war political playing cards, USA, 2003.

Victory 1945


“Victory" cards celebrating U.S. participation in the Allied victory, c.1945.

W Deck 2004

W Deck

“W Deck” playing cards poking fun at President Bush, USA, 2004.

War Party playing cards 2003

War Party playing cards

War Party playing cards, in opposition to the Iraq War, USA, 2003.

War Profiteers playing cards 2004

War Profiteers playing cards

“War Profiteers” playing cards, USA, c. 2004.

White House of Cards 2017

White House of Cards

“White House of Cards” produced by Peter Dunlap-Shohl, USA, 2017.

Woman’s Hour 1996

Woman’s Hour

The Woman’s Hour playing cards published by David Westnedge, 1996.

World Leaders Snap 1940

World Leaders Snap

World Leaders Snap published around WW2, c.1940.

WW1 Commemorative 1919

WW1 Commemorative

In 1919 Brepols commemorated the victories of World War I with two new packs featuring portraits of Allied leaders on the court cards and famous battle scenes on the Aces.

WW2 German Propaganda Playing Cards 1942

WW2 German Propaganda Playing Cards

showing satirical portraits of Allied leaders and politicians