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Playing Cards and Religion

Early engravers and print makers made devotional images for pilgrims and people who could not afford paintings or books. Many of these craftsmen turned their hand to manufacturing playing cards to earn extra income. Today playing cards are often produced to spread religious messages, teachings or for educational purposes.

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Progress 1938


The story of “Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan illustrated in a card game published by Castell Brothers Ltd (Pepys Games), 1938.

Rasta playing cards 2002

Rasta playing cards

Rasta playing cards celebrating the Rastafari religion.

Round the World Families

Round the World Families

Round the World Families published by the London Missionary Society, c.1945.

Snapshots 1910


Snapshots, a Missionary Card Game depicting people from different cultural contexts engaged in their traditional ways of life...

Testament [classic edition] 2020

Testament [classic edition]

Testament playing cards [classic edition] designed by Ben Green, 2020.