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British Political Images 2010

British Political Images

Playing cards depicting British political images from the Bodleian Libraries.

La Baraja Constitucional 1822

La Baraja Constitucional

The “Baraja Constitucional” commemorates the declaration in Cádiz of the Constitution of 1812 and was designed and created by Simón Ardit y Quer in 1822

Martín Fierro 2000

Martín Fierro

Naipes “Martín Fierro” based on the epic poem by José Hernandez.

O Baralho dos Provérbios! 2016

O Baralho dos Provérbios!

Portuguese proverbs in combination with special courts and suit-signs published by Apenas Livros, Lisbon.

Oliver Twist Snap 1890

Oliver Twist Snap

Oliver Twist Series Snap card game manufactured by A. Collier, London, c.1890.

Superman 2005


Superman World Hero™ playing cards made in Belgium by Carta Mundi