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Andersons of Edinburgh

Andersons of Edinburgh

Andersons of Edinburgh began publishing playing cards in the late 1920s and several brands are known, including ‘Clan Tartan’, ‘Masquerade’ and ‘Thistle’

Clans & Tartans of Scotland 1997

Clans & Tartans of Scotland

“Clans & Tartans of Scotland” deck of cards designed and illustrated by Romilly Squire, 1997.

EPCS August 1992 Newsletter

EPCS August 1992 Newsletter Members Only

Cutty Sark • 50th Anniversary of the Award of the George Cross to the Island of Malta • W.D. & H.O. Will • Harry Lauder Snap • ABC Happy Families by Spears • Tower of London • Clan Tartan • EPCS 10th Anniversary Transformation Pack • Karl Gerich • HARP Beer Mat

EPCS August 1993 Newsletter

EPCS August 1993 Newsletter Members Only

Mercury • Wrigley's Chewing Gum • Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Game • Scottish Clan Tartan • The Card & Dice Office Evasion of Stamp Duty • 10th Anniversary Transformation Pack • Karl Gerich • Willis & Co • Globe Series

EPCS March 1986 Newsletter

EPCS March 1986 Newsletter Members Only

A Collecting Theme: Birds part 2 • Beautiful Britain (additional information) • Clan Tartan cards • Mardon Son & Hall • The Daily Sketch War Fund pack • Overprint Champagne Advertising packs • Musical Card Games • Children's Card Games: Pepys Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs • Hobby Horse playing cards

EPCS November 1998 Newsletter

EPCS November 1998 Newsletter Members Only

Comic Adventure of Dame Trot & Cat • Fiftieth Birthday of HRH Prince of Wales • King George IV as King of Hearts • Exciting Find in Shanghai • 80th Anniversary of WWI End • King of Spades by Bruce Bairnsfather • Fragments From France by Bruce Bairnsfather • De La Rue Exportation • Wedding of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert • Nursery Rhyme SNAP • Dick Whittington Story • Axminster 100 & National Museum York • Happy Families • Elaruna • Arpak No Revoke • Girl Guide SNAP • Logical Challenge: Cards on the Table • Royal Fabric Playing Cards • Ephemera: Campo, Zuil and Draft

Waddington’s Clan Tartan Series 1933

Waddington’s Clan Tartan Series

Waddington’s Clan Tartan Series, 1933.