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AGMüller English Pattern 1980

AGMüller English Pattern

AGMüller standard English pattern for the Royal Jordanian Airline, 1980s

Antique Swiss Playing Cards, c.1530 1530

Antique Swiss Playing Cards, c.1530

The Swiss national suit system of shields, acorns, hawkbells and flowers originated sometime during the fifteenth century.

Bischofszell 1987


Advertising pack for the food producer Bischofszell, designed by Heinz Looser-Brenner, with non-standard suits.

Bourbon Bridge 1975

Bourbon Bridge

Attractive, woodcut-style courts adapted for modern play.

Egbert Moehsnang 1978

Egbert Moehsnang

The suit signs and indices are clear and easily recognisable, and each suit has a different predominant colour. The juxtaposition of traditional craft techniques with abstract modern design could be seen as postmodern.

Ilford playing cards 1981

Ilford playing cards

Colourful advertising pack for Ilford designed by Mario Grasso, based on standard English courts.

Imperial Club playing cards 1982

Imperial Club playing cards

Large index broad size cards by AGMüller using a special red ink suitable for casinos.

Investors Overseas Services 1969

Investors Overseas Services

Investors Overseas Services, Ltd. (IOS) by A. G. Müller (Schaffhausen), c.1969.

Jass Allemand 1982

Jass Allemand

Egbert Moehsnang produced this contemporary Swiss-suited, double-ended pack, based on original XV century sources, but they were shunned by card players.

Joker Tell 1991

Joker Tell

Comic celebration of 700 years of the Swiss Confederation, 1291-1991, with designs by Roland Gazzotti.

Krienser Fasnachts-Jass 1988 1988

Krienser Fasnachts-Jass 1988

The Krienser Fasnachts-Jass deck was designed and published by Léon Schnyder from Kriens for the 1988 Fasnacht Carnival

La Compagnie de 1602 1991

La Compagnie de 1602

Characters from the annual festival held to commemorate the failed attempt to storm Geneva in 1602.

Mini Jass 1974

Mini Jass

Pocket-size cards with modern designs for playing the Swiss national card game, Jass.

Modern Swiss-German Pattern 2000

Modern Swiss-German Pattern

Modern Swiss-German Pattern by AGMüller, c.2000.

Richard Wagner 1968

Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner playing cards designed by Melchior Annen.

Roche 1980


Advertising pack for the Swiss-based healthcare company.

Scheffmacher 1975


Advertising pack for Scheffmacher, master painters in Schaffhausen, with comic designs by Fritz Bünzli.

Schwyzer Fasnachts-Jass 1991

Schwyzer Fasnachts-Jass

Traditional carnival figures from the Swiss canton Schwyz, as interpreted by the artist Léon Schnyder.

Sternenmädchens Wahrsagespiel Tarot 1975

Sternenmädchens Wahrsagespiel Tarot

A colourful 1970s take on the major arcana designed by Peter Geitner, with titles in German.

Swiss Souvenir 1979

Swiss Souvenir

55 different scenic photographic views of Switzerland.