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Doctor Who 2015

Doctor Who

Doctor Who fan cards produced by Winning Moves under the Waddington's label, 2015.

Dr Who 2005

Dr Who

Dr Who is a long-running science-fiction television series produced by the BBC, first airing in 1963.

Dr Who Adventures 2006

Dr Who Adventures

‘Doctor Who Adventures’ is a weekly magazine aimed at younger readers. From time to time free playing cards are included with the magazine

EPCS August 1996 Newsletter

EPCS August 1996 Newsletter Members Only

Euro 96 Football • WWII • Frizzle • Women's Suffrage • James English • Peerless Card Co. • Dr Who • Gilbert & Sullivan • Norwich Cathedral • KAN-U-GO • Flora • C.W. Faulkner • Roman Numerals • Heads of House Game • Zetmea • Joseph Hunt & Sons • SNAP • Universal for Denmark • Schweppes Ephemera

Great Romances of the 20th Century 2000

Great Romances of the 20th Century

Famous stars featured in series two and three of this BBC programme.

Little Britain

Little Britain

“Little Britain” fan deck published by the BBC in 2005.

Paddington 1974


Paddington card game published in UK by Whitman.