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Ferdinand Gumppenberg

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Corona Ferrea 1844

Corona Ferrea

Trumps depict historical scenes primarily of the political period known as the Holy Roman Empire from the 6th to 16th century.

Goyesca 1814


Baraja ‘Goyesca’ facsimile of original deck published in Madrid by Clemente de Roxas, 1814.

Gumppenberg of Milan 1830

Gumppenberg of Milan

Fine playing cards made by Gumppenberg of Milan evoking the style of antiquity, c.1830

Natural History Tarocchi

Natural History Tarocchi

Natural History Tarocchi by Ferdinando Gumppenberg, Milan.

Tarocchino Lombardo, c.1835 1835

Tarocchino Lombardo, c.1835

“Tarocchino Lombardo” c.1835, a limited facsimile edition of 2500 by Edizione del Solleone, Italy, 1981.

Tarocco Neoclassico 1980

Tarocco Neoclassico

Gumppenberg published several new decks by artists or engravers of the day. The designs are clear and well-engraved, in the style of the revival of antiquity, preserving the symbolic intensity of the Tarot.