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Cartes à Jouer Héron

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Cartes à Jouer Espagnoles

Cartes à Jouer Espagnoles

Cartes à Jouer Espagnoles Héron - Catalan pattern.

Cartes à Jouer Fluorescentes 1960

Cartes à Jouer Fluorescentes

Standard French cards but printed with fluorescent inks on a black background.

Cartes à Jouer Héron

Cartes à Jouer Héron

Promotional decks by Héron.

CNES playing cards 1995

CNES playing cards

Fully pictorial pack featuring rockets, satellites, scientists and views from space.

Héron French tarot

Héron French tarot

French edition of the ‘Bourgeois’ Tarot by Héron.

Hôtels-Grils Campanile 1985

Hôtels-Grils Campanile

Publicity pack for the Campanile hotel and restaurant chain featuring French provincial costumes, with designs by James Hodges.

Jeu de Cartes de Tahiti 1983

Jeu de Cartes de Tahiti

Courts and Aces inspired by Polynesian history and culture designed by Michèle Feltrin.

Jeu de cartes des Opéras romantiques 1990

Jeu de cartes des Opéras romantiques

Costumes from four operas premiered at the Paris Opera between 1830 and 1840.

Jeu des Chats 1997

Jeu des Chats

Eighteen different cat breeds drawn by Marie-France Gary.

Johnnie Walker Whisky

Johnnie Walker Whisky

Johnnie Walker Whisky playing cards by Héron.

Kellogg’s Complete Breakfast Game 1997

Kellogg’s Complete Breakfast Game

Kellogg’s Complete Breakfast card game, ©1997.

Legendary Harley-Davidson 1995

Legendary Harley-Davidson

Legendary Harley-Davidson Playing Cards, c.1995.



Elongated cards from France with a fourth court card, a Miss.

Pierre Etaix 1985

Pierre Etaix

Colourful, stylised courts designed by the French clown, comedian and filmmaker, Pierre Etaix.

Révolution 1789-1989 1989

Révolution 1789-1989

Révolution 1789-1989, celebrating the bicentenary of the French revolution, France, 1989