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Emanuelle 1986


‘Emanuelle’ erotic transformation playing cards designed by Patrick Cuenot, 1986.

EPCS November 1996 Newsletter

EPCS November 1996 Newsletter Members Only

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Jungle Parties 1987

Jungle Parties

“Jungle Parties” or “Playing Politics '87” designed & drawn by Patrick Cuenot.

London on Playing Cards

London on Playing Cards

London on Playing Cards, Intercol, 1989.

Naked Truth 1997

Naked Truth

“Naked Truth” Playing Politics with caricatures by Jason Pratt, 1997

Playing Politics 1983

Playing Politics

“Playing Politics” or “Cabinet Shuffle” specially commissioned by the Victoria and Albert Museum, 1983.

Polit-Poker 1984 1984

Polit-Poker 1984

“Polit-Poker” designed by Bubec (Lutz Backes), 1984.