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Famo 1938


Famo, the historical card game, 1939.

Jack of all Trades 1935

Jack of all Trades

Jack of all Trades card game.

Kargo 1931


Kargo or Card Golf published by Kum-Bak Sports Toys & Games, c.1930.

Kum-Bak Sports, Toys & Games

Kum-Bak Sports, Toys & Games

Kum-Bak Sports, Toys & Games MFG Co., Ltd, London S.E.11

Market or Covent Garden 1930

Market or Covent Garden

Market or Covent Garden game published by Kum-Bak, 1930s.

Non-Revoke 1930


Non-Revoke Playing Cards manufactured by Universal Playing Card Co Ltd for Kum-Bak Sports, Toys & Games, c.1930.