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Alien Arcana Tarot 2022

Alien Arcana Tarot

A series of three tarot decks inspired by the Alien film franchise, created by Roy Huteson Stewart.

Eclipse Comic playing cards (reproduction) 2020

Eclipse Comic playing cards (reproduction)

Eclipse Comic playing cards is a reproduction of the first transformation pack printed in the USA in 1876 by F.H. Lowerre.

Fried Chicken Playing Cards 2023

Fried Chicken Playing Cards

This innovative chicken-themed concept combines playing cards with the aroma of fried chicken.

The Tarot Strikes Back 2023

The Tarot Strikes Back

Roy Huteson Stewart's The Tarot Strikes Back combines Star Wars with Rider-Waite tarot imagery.

Tuxedo playing cards 2016

Tuxedo playing cards

Stylish ‘Tuxedo’ playing cards with animal faces created by Natalia Silva, USA, 2016.