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Over the years the pressures of competition and other market forces have led to many smaller manufacturers being taken over by larger ones. The outcome is that the U.S.P.C.C. is now the largest manufacturer in the United States.

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Bicycle Tattoo 2010

Bicycle Tattoo

Bicycle Tattoo, USA, 2010

Bicycle Tattoo Golden Edition 2014

Bicycle Tattoo Golden Edition

Bicycle Tattoo Golden Edition created by Phoenix Playing Cards of Toronto, Canada, 2014.

Bicycle Tragic Royalty 2020

Bicycle Tragic Royalty

Modified courts rendered tragic and somewhat scary.

Bicycle Zombie playing cards 2012

Bicycle Zombie playing cards

Bicycle Zombie playing cards with hints on how to survive a zombie attack, USA, 2012.

Billionaire Boys Club Playing Cards by Theory11 2022

Billionaire Boys Club Playing Cards by Theory11

Limited edition luxury playing cards by Billionaire Boys Club and Theory 11.

Blueblood Redux Playing Cards 2013

Blueblood Redux Playing Cards

Follow-up pack for the 2012 Blue Blood Playing Cards pack on Kickstarter.

Breaking Bad Playing Cards 2014

Breaking Bad Playing Cards

“Breaking Bad” fan deck designed by Albino Dragon and manufactured by the USPCC in 2014.

Cabinet No.707 1888

Cabinet No.707

Russell & Morgan's “Cabinet No.707” brand was first introduced in 1888.

Caesars Palace 2006

Caesars Palace

‘Aristocrat’ Casino Cards with special courts for Caesars Palace by USPCC 2006.

Calaveras De Azúcar 2017

Calaveras De Azúcar

Calaveras De Azúcar playing cards produced by Natalia Silva, USA, 2017.

Capitol No.188 1895

Capitol No.188

“Capitol No.188” was first introduced during the Russell & Morgan Printing Company era in c.1886 and carried through into the U.S.P.C.C's catalogue after 1895.

Celtic Myth Playing Cards 2015

Celtic Myth Playing Cards

Celtic Myth playing cards are the third and final set of cards in a series based around the themes of Celtic mythology and society.

Centennial Olympic Games playing cards 1993

Centennial Olympic Games playing cards

Centennial Olympic Games playing cards celebrating the centenary of the modern Olympic Games, 1896-1996.

Chicken Playing Cards 2017

Chicken Playing Cards

Chicken Playing Cards designed by Susan Krupp, 2017.

Circus No.47 1896

Circus No.47

“Circus No.47”, first issued in 1896. The staid old Kings, Queens and Jacks have given way to various well-known ring masters, clowns and queens; dashing circus designs. Indeed, the clown Jacks are only a short step away from Jokers!

Civil Unrest Playing Cards 2014

Civil Unrest Playing Cards

A deck of cards inspired by the American Civil War, featuring leaders, army generals, President Abraham Lincoln and other characters from this historical period.

Come to Chew Playing Cards 2013

Come to Chew Playing Cards

Aleix Gordo Hostau from Barcelona, Spain has created the Come to Chew pack, inspired by bubble gum artwork and characters

Congress No.606 1881

Congress No.606

Congress Playing Cards were first produced by the Russell & Morgan Company in 1881 as the finest and most expensive of their brands.

Coricidin Demilets 1967

Coricidin Demilets

Coricidin Demilets pharmaceutical playing cards, 1967.

Craddock Soap Stage Souvenir 1895

Craddock Soap Stage Souvenir

The deck is described on the box as “a portfolio of photographs of the leading lights of the stage”