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Raimundo García Pattern Playing Cards

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García y Boyer 1880

García y Boyer

Spanish-suited pack in the ‘Raimundo García’ pattern produced by García y Boyer, Igualada, c.1880.

José Cumplido 1860

José Cumplido

Raimundo García pattern produced by José Cumplido in Madrid, dated 1860 on the four of coins.

José Serrano 1875

José Serrano

‘Raimundo García’ pattern playing cards produced in Pamplona by José Serano, c.1875.

Juan Humanes y Cía 1879

Juan Humanes y Cía

Raimundo García pattern published by Juan Humanes y Cía, Madrid, 1879.

Viuda de Gombau e Hijos 1882

Viuda de Gombau e Hijos

Spanish-suited pack in the Raimundo García pattern produced in Madrid by Viuda de Gombau e Hijos, 1882.