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Help w/ Prewar Spanish soccer playing cards

Help w/ Prewar Spanish soccer playing cards
Help w/ Prewar Spanish soccer playing cards
Help w/ Prewar Spanish soccer playing cards

This site was fantastic to go through and I spent a good part of my evening enjoying it. My name is Sebouh and I have collected sports cards for a while. Mainly, prewar and vintage soccer cards, but also some other sports. I was hoping someone would be able to help me out. Me and a few other collectors are trying to understand some Spanish prewar playing cards and would love some guidance. These cards seem to be from the 1930-1932 time period, yet we can not find any information on the issuer or any specifics on them. I uploaded some photos of the cards in question. They seemed to be scratch off cards, where it would either be gold or white, which you would then scratch off and it will reveal the Chocolate company information (advert). There were many different chocolate companies branded on these, I counted at least 6. Anyways, I’d love to help or guidance if possible, it would greatly be appreciated. Thank you and cheers to your fantastic site. Thank you, Sebouh


Simon Wintle's Avatar'

Hello Sebouh, your cards look like re-prints of the pictorial trade cards issued by Litografías Industrias Madriguera, Barcelona, c.1896

These were re-issued in 1930s by coleccionismo El Sendero.

Hope this helps

RamDom's Avatar'

De esta baraja se hicieron multiples ediciones. Reseñar como interesante la baraja Republicana que se muestra en el 1 Espadas... corresponde al periodo 1927/1930 producidas por Francisco Madriguera. Las zonas en blanco, estaban destinadas a los diferentes anuncios de diversas empresas (chocolates, confituras, bombones, cafes y un largo etcetera.

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