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Naipes El Ciervo

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Cadiz-Catalan style pack 1896

Cadiz-Catalan style pack

High-quality standard designs by Sebastián Comas y Ricart, Barcelona, Spain, 1896.

El Ciervo N°4 1938

El Ciervo N°4

“El Ciervo” No.4 manufactured by Hija de Antonio Comas during the Spanish Civil War, with mural crown and flag of the 2nd Republic on the ace of coins, c.1938.

El Ciervo, c.1930 1930

El Ciervo, c.1930

Sebastian Comas y Ricart - Hija de A. Comas “El Ciervo” Spanish Catalan pattern, c.1930.

Sebastian Comas y Ricart, Barcelona 1910

Sebastian Comas y Ricart, Barcelona

“El Ciervo” standard Catalan-type pack made in Barcelona by Sebastian Comas y Ricart, c.1905-10.