Sebastian Comas y Ricart, Barcelona

“El Ciervo”, Sebastian Comas y Ricart, Barcelona, c.1910

caballo de bastos as de oros sota de oros rey de espadas
rey de bastos 4 de copas sota de espadas caballo de copas

Above: 8 cards from “El Ciervo” standard Catalan-type pack made in Barcelona by Sebastian Comas y Ricart, c.1905-10. The ace of coins shows a decorated base or plinth supporting various trophies evoking maritime trade and prosperity: an anchor, a caduceus, a cornucopia, a barrel, a large medallion or shield displaying a crowned head, and flags, all topped by a crown.

This design was exported extensively to South America and adopted by Cia Gral Fósforos/Cia Fabril Financiera as their house-style for “Angelito”, “Domador” and “Victoria” brands in the 1930s. It has been copied by many others since then.

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