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Boudoir 1906


“Boudoir” playing cards were introduced by Chas Goodall & Son in 1906 in a new, slimmer size.

EPCS August 1989 Newsletter

EPCS August 1989 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS August 1999 Newsletter

EPCS August 1999 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS March 1984 Newsletter

EPCS March 1984 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS May 1997 Newsletter

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EPCS May 1999 Newsletter

EPCS May 1999 Newsletter Members Only

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Pneumatic c.1960-1965 1960

Pneumatic c.1960-1965

De la Rue were producing Pneumatic cards with the “special graining for ease of handling” as late as early 1960s

Pneumatic Playing Cards

Pneumatic Playing Cards

The surface of the cards was slightly grooved by being rolled on prepared plates, so that there were little pockets of air between each card, which prevented them sticking together.

Pneumatic Series ‘F’ 1925

Pneumatic Series ‘F’

De la Rue Pneumatic Series ‘F’ playing cards, c.1925.

What can we learn from mini-booklet advertisements?

What can we learn from mini-booklet advertisements?

Over the years I have collected a large number of mini-booklets and pocket guides offering rules and play guidance on a wide variety of games.