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52 Chess Openings 2008

52 Chess Openings

52 chess openings published by SynHeme Inc., Canada.

Bicycle Tattoo Golden Edition 2014

Bicycle Tattoo Golden Edition

Bicycle Tattoo Golden Edition created by Phoenix Playing Cards of Toronto, Canada, 2014.

British Columbia Souvenir 1905

British Columbia Souvenir

British Columbia Souvenir Playing Cards by The Clarke and Stuart Company

Canadian heritage playing cards 1994

Canadian heritage playing cards

Canadian Heritage Playing Cards designed by Gabriel de Beney, 1994.

Canadian National Railways 1927

Canadian National Railways

Canadian National Railways souvenir deck, dated to 1927. Every card is gilt edged, and carries a different photograph of Canada.

Cards Eh! 2002

Cards Eh!

“Cards Eh!” playing cards with general information about Canada produced by JK Productions of Richmond, British Columbia in 2002.

Emoticon 2016


Emoticon playing cards designed by Buy Design Studios, 2016.

EPCS May 1997 Newsletter

EPCS May 1997 Newsletter Members Only

Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1897 • Gambling at cards in Georgian Bath • Misfitz • Hokey-Pokey • Goodall Canada • Wei-Hei-Wei Regiment • Noah's Ark • 1938 Comic by Birds Custard • WWII • Edward Hall • Politics • Flowers of Britain • Garden Birds of Britain

Fair Play cross cultural playing cards 2009

Fair Play cross cultural playing cards

“Fair Play” cross cultural playing cards illustrated by Canadian artist Stephen B. MacInnes.

Get Bear Smart 2005

Get Bear Smart

“Get Bear Smart” playing cards published by the Get Bear Smart Society, Canada, 2005.

Ginette Robitaille 1984

Ginette Robitaille

Stylish designs from the mid-1980s by a Canadian artist.

Hyperspace Royalty 2020

Hyperspace Royalty

Modern geometric designs by graphic artist Mathew den Boer, Canada, 2020.

Kings of India playing cards 2015

Kings of India playing cards

Kings of India playing cards depicting the four greatest dynasties of India.

La Baie James

La Baie James

Playing cards documenting the James Bay hydro-electricity project on the La Grande River in north-western Quebec, Canada.

Mana Playing Cards 2014

Mana Playing Cards

These beautiful playing cards designed by Erik Mana aren't just your ordinary set but they also hold a secret codes and riddle.

Metropol NOX Playing Cards 2013

Metropol NOX Playing Cards

A custom deck of playing cards designed with a modern, minimalist flair.

New Environment deck

New Environment deck

New environment deck / Nouveau jeu de cartes sur l’environnement, Canada.

Ocean to Ocean Canada Souvenir 1911

Ocean to Ocean Canada Souvenir

“Ocean to Ocean” Canadian Pictorial Souvenir packs by Chas Goodall & Son Ltd, c.1906 & 1911.

Ocean to Ocean Souvenir of Canada, c.1905 1905

Ocean to Ocean Souvenir of Canada, c.1905

Ocean to Ocean Souvenir of Canada by Chas Goodall & Son Ltd, c.1905.