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16: European Standard Playing Cards

16: European Standard Playing Cards

A brief survey of the different types of standard cards to be found in Continental Europe.

63: The descendants of the French regional patterns: 1

63: The descendants of the French regional patterns: 1

A great many regional patterns were exported from France and subsequently copied elsewhere. Some of them became local standards in their own right.

Art Nouveau Oracle 2007

Art Nouveau Oracle

A Lenormand-type fortune-telling pack in the Art Nouveau style.

Bohemia Moravia 1997

Bohemia Moravia

Historical figures from Bohemia and Moravia in Piatnik’s traditional style.

Branle playing cards 2015

Branle playing cards

‘Branle’ playing cards inspired by a 12th-century dance, produced by Noir Arts, USA, 2015.

Brexit Most Wanted 2019

Brexit Most Wanted

‘Brexit Most Wanted’ playing cards, United Kingdom, 2019.

C.L.Wüst Poster Stamps 1910

C.L.Wüst Poster Stamps

A set of advertising poster stamps for C.L.Wüst playing cards.

Disney Princess 2009

Disney Princess

Featuring Disney Princesses and Enchanting Tales in two sizes of pack made for Eastern Europe.

Early History of Playing Cards & Timeline 1370

Early History of Playing Cards & Timeline

Out of an apparent void, a constellation of references in early literature emerge pointing to the sudden arrival of playing cards, principally in Belgium, Germany, Spain and Italy around 1370-1380. Discover the early history of playing cards in our timeline from 50AD to the 15th century.

EU52 Deck of Cards 2015

EU52 Deck of Cards

“EU52 Deck of Cards“ Eurosceptic political playing cards published by 52 Jokers Ltd, United Kingdom, 2015.

Euro Playing Cards 2001

Euro Playing Cards

New euro banknotes and coins from several countries on circular cards.

European Naval Powers 1981

European Naval Powers

“XVI Century European Naval Powers” deck illustrated by Isabel Ibáñez de Sendadiano and produced by Heraclio Fournier in 1981.



Eurotrotter by La Ducale, c.1980s.

Foragers playing cards 2019

Foragers playing cards

Playing cards to help to identify the edible and inedible gifts of nature.

Happy Halloween 2001

Happy Halloween

Spooky designs such as black cats, pumpkins, bats, spiders and ghosts for Halloween.

Jeu de la Belle Epoque 1980

Jeu de la Belle Epoque

Jeu de la Belle Epoque, remembering a golden age of optimism, progress and elegance.

Kingdoms of Europe

Kingdoms of Europe

A collecting game published in two series: the first series featuring Western Europe and the second series Eastern/Southern Europe.

Les plaques émaillées d’Antoine Vollon 2013

Les plaques émaillées d’Antoine Vollon

54 different enamel plaques depicting silk manufacture, by the Lyon artist Antoine Vollon.

Political playing cards (2017) 2017

Political playing cards (2017)

Political playing cards by the British cartoonist Oliver Preston, United Kingdom, 2017.

Round Europe 1958

Round Europe

Round Europe card game by Pepys, 1958.