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Poland has been involved in playing card production since the 15th century.

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Amistar playing cards 2005

Amistar playing cards

Publicity pack for product which controls fungal diseases in a range of crops, printed by Trefl, Kraków, Poland, c2005.

Anna Gaber

Anna Gaber

Anna Gaber playing cards from Poland.

Barok playing cards nr 232 1981

Barok playing cards nr 232

Courts dressed in Baroque costumes in a pack printed by KZWP, Kraków, Poland, 1981.

Battle of Grunwald 2011

Battle of Grunwald

Medieval style playing cards commemorating the Battle of Grunwald (1410), designed and published by Studio Wena, 2011

Cardiology Trials 2003

Cardiology Trials

Cardiology Trials - limited edition playing cards by Krakowskie Zaklady Wyrobów Papierowych Trefl (KZWP), 2003

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Cards 2021

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Cards

Polish cartoonist Jakub Rebelka created this set of tarot cards for the Cyberpunk 2077 video game.

Dertor Bridge 2001

Dertor Bridge

Cards intended for international use by Dertor Sp. z o.o., Warsaw, Poland, c.2001.

Disney Collectible Cards 2003

Disney Collectible Cards

Disney collectable cards showing scenes from Disney animated movies, printed in Poland by KZWP-Trefl, 2003.

Folk Cards 1962

Folk Cards

Folk Cards designed by Krystyna Gruchalska-Bunsch for Lot Polish Airlines, 1962.

Fundacja Polsat Dzieciom 2000

Fundacja Polsat Dzieciom

Set of caricatures and cartoons in aid of a Polish children’s charity. c.2000.

Gdynia-America Line 1958

Gdynia-America Line

Non-standard playing cards produced by Artex (Budapest) for the Gdynia-America Line, Poland, c.1958.

Jagiellonskie 1990


Jagiellonskie Playing Cards with Polish Kings and Queens, made in Poland

Kart do Tarota

Kart do Tarota

78-card Polish tarot pack designed by Edyta Gdek.



“Kasztelańskie No. 460” playing cards manufactured by Krakowskie Zaklady Wyrobów Papierowych, Crakow, c.1980s.

Klipp Klapp Karten 2004

Klipp Klapp Karten

“Klipp Klapp Karten” printed by KZWP-Trefl (Poland) for Kindermuseum Oelde (Germany) in 2004

Królewskie 2002


‘Królewskie’ playing cards with Slavic style courts, printed by KZWP-Trefl, 2002.

Notgeld - Emergen¢y Money

Notgeld - Emergen¢y Money

Notgeld - Emergency Money - was in rare cases issued on playing cards.

Parks and Recreation Playing Cards 2013

Parks and Recreation Playing Cards

Custom playing cards based on the TV series Parks and Recreation.

Piwiarnia Pub in Warsaw 2010

Piwiarnia Pub in Warsaw

Advertising Deck for the Piwiarnia Pub in Warsaw.

Polish fortune-telling cards 1985

Polish fortune-telling cards

Fortune-telling pack with divinatory rhymes in Polish, c.1985.