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Battle of Grunwald

Medieval style playing cards commemorating the Battle of Grunwald (1410), designed and published by Studio Wena, 2011

Medieval style playing cards commemorating the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald (1410), designed and published by Studio Wena, 2011. The Battle of Grunwald was fought on 15 July 1410, during the Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War, and was one of the largest battles in Medieval Europe  wikipedia

An extra Joker card lists the personalities depicted on the cards.

playing cards commemorating the Battle of Grunwald designed and published by Studio Wena, 2011

Above: playing cards commemorating the Battle of Grunwald designed and published by Studio Wena, 2011.


By Rex Pitts (1940-2021)

Member since January 30, 2009

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Rex's main interest was in card games, because, he said, they were cheap and easy to get hold of in his early days of collecting. He is well known for his extensive knowledge of Pepys games and his book is on the bookshelves of many.

His other interest was non-standard playing cards. He also had collections of sheet music, music CDs, models of London buses, London Transport timetables and maps and other objects that intrigued him.

Rex had a chequered career at school. He was expelled twice, on one occasion for smoking! Despite this he trained as a radio engineer and worked for the BBC in the World Service.

Later he moved into sales and worked for a firm that made all kinds of packaging, a job he enjoyed until his retirement. He became an expert on boxes and would always investigate those that held his cards. He could always recognize a box made for Pepys, which were the same as those of Alf Cooke’s Universal Playing Card Company, who printed the card games. This interest changed into an ability to make and mend boxes, which he did with great dexterity. He loved this kind of handicraft work.

His dexterity of hand and eye soon led to his making card games of his own design. He spent hours and hours carefully cutting them out and colouring them by hand.

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1995 Rzeszowskie Zakłady Farmaceutyczne “Polfa”

Rzeszowskie Zakłady Farmaceutyczne “Polfa”

Photographs of pharmaceutical products, produced for RZF, Rzeszów, Poland, c.1995.

2001 Dertor Bridge

Dertor Bridge

Cards intended for international use by Dertor Sp. z o.o., Warsaw, Poland, c.2001.

2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme covers from 1956 to 2016 published by Winning Moves UK Ltd.

2000 Fundacja Polsat Dzieciom

Fundacja Polsat Dzieciom

Set of caricatures and cartoons in aid of a Polish children’s charity. c.2000.

1985 Polish fortune-telling cards

Polish fortune-telling cards

Fortune-telling pack with divinatory rhymes in Polish, c.1985.

2005 Korchma Taras Bulba

Korchma Taras Bulba

The first of two decks designed by Ukrainian illustrator Vladislav Erko for “Korchma Taras Bulba” restaurant which serves traditional Ukrainian cuisine

1962 Folk Cards

Folk Cards

Folk Cards designed by Krystyna Gruchalska-Bunsch for Lot Polish Airlines, 1962.

1500 Gambling and Vice in the Middle Ages

Gambling and Vice in the Middle Ages

Gambling and Vice in the Hours of Charles V: card-playing in the local tavern

2011 Polska


Polska with artwork by Katarzyna Tomala & Krzysztof Korzeniak, 2011.

1983 Jeu “Gerente”

Jeu “Gerente”

Jeu “Gerente” - published by Moncar in 1983 in the “Cartes de Fantasie” series.

1927 Middle Ages

Middle Ages

Middle Ages by Germano & Cª, (Litografia Maia),

Souvenir of Norway

Souvenir of Norway

Souvenir of Norway deck.

2010 Piwiarnia Pub in Warsaw

Piwiarnia Pub in Warsaw

Advertising Deck for the Piwiarnia Pub in Warsaw.

Notgeld - Emergen¢y Money

Notgeld - Emergen¢y Money

Notgeld - Emergency Money - was in rare cases issued on playing cards.

2011 Roman Empire

Roman Empire

Roman Empire playing cards designed by G. Wyatt for Green Board Game Co Ltd., 2011.

1961 Romance Español

Romance Español

“Romance Español” designed by Carlos Sáenz de Tejada and published by Heraclio Fournier in various editions since 1951.

1962 Europe


“Europe” designed by Teodoro N. Miciano and printed by Heraclio Fournier in 1962, portraying XIV century European fashions.

1455 Master of the Playing Cards

Master of the Playing Cards

Animal suited playing cards engraved by the Master of the Playing Cards, Germany, c.1455

La Baraja

La Baraja

Anonymous “La Baraja” Spanish deck, c.2005.

Hidden meanings in painting by Jheronimus Bosch

Hidden meanings in painting by Jheronimus Bosch

Medieval View of Gambling in the ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ by Jheronimus Bosch

1430 Stuttgart pack, c.1430

Stuttgart pack, c.1430

The luxury, hand-painted Stuttgart Cards (Stuttgarter Kartenspiel) dated c.1430, with suits of ducks, falcons, stags and hounds.

Jeu de Bataille

Jeu de Bataille

“Jeu de Bataille” card game published by Éditions Willeb, Paris. The court cards represent characters from different nationalities or ethnic groups who are presumably engaged in battle

Flemish Hunting Deck

Flemish Hunting Deck

Set of medieval playing cards with King, Queen, Knave and numeral cards from one to ten in each of four suits which refer to the activity of hunting, as practiced by the nobility.

Four Centuries

Four Centuries

“Four Centuries” playing cards by Esselte Öbergs with court cards depicted as caricatures from different historical periods.

2002 Królewskie


‘Królewskie’ playing cards with Slavic style courts, printed by KZWP-Trefl, 2002.

1998 Starościanka


“Starościanka” playing cards manufactured by KZWP-Trefl (Poland), first issued in1998

1966 Rhineland Pattern by KZWP

Rhineland Pattern by KZWP

Rhineland pattern by KZWP.



‘Veto’ is a Polish CCG game. Players compete for power and influence. The game is set in 17th century.

2003 Disney Collectible Cards

Disney Collectible Cards

Disney collectable cards showing scenes from Disney animated movies, printed in Poland by KZWP-Trefl, 2003.

2004 Quickie Wheelchairs

Quickie Wheelchairs

Uncut sheet of ‘Quickie’ Wheelchairs Quartet card game, made in Poland 2004

Klipp Klapp Karten

Klipp Klapp Karten

“Klipp Klapp Karten” printed by KZWP-Trefl (Poland) for Kindermuseum Oelde (Germany) in 2004

British Museum Playing Cards

British Museum Playing Cards

Unique pack of playing cards created for the British Museum with illustrations by Frances Button.

Bavarian Pattern

Bavarian Pattern

Bavarian single-ended pattern by Vereinigte Altenburg-Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken A-G., c.1937

1523 Hans Sebald Beham

Hans Sebald Beham

Playing cards designed by Hans Sebald Beham (1500–1550).

1958 Gdynia-America Line

Gdynia-America Line

Non-standard playing cards produced by Artex (Budapest) for the Gdynia-America Line, Poland, c.1958.

2003 Pomorski Poker

Pomorski Poker

Pomorski Poker (Pomeranian Poker) is a gallery of characters from the region: politicians, media, culture, athletes, entrepreneurial women, etc.

2011 Battle of Grunwald

Battle of Grunwald

Medieval style playing cards commemorating the Battle of Grunwald (1410), designed and published by Studio Wena, 2011



“Kasztelańskie No. 460” playing cards manufactured by Krakowskie Zaklady Wyrobów Papierowych, Crakow, c.1980s.

Cardiology Trials

Cardiology Trials

Cardiology Trials - limited edition playing cards by Krakowskie Zaklady Wyrobów Papierowych Trefl (KZWP), 2003

1911 Russian Slavic Costumes

Russian Slavic Costumes

Russian style “Slavic Costumes” playing cards first published in 1911