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The manufacture of playing cards in America only began during the second half of the 18th century, and not before 1776 by some estimates.

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13: Some North American Cards

13: Some North American Cards

I deal with some of the US makers in more detail on other pages, but here is a brief introduction.

1906 Earthquake 2005

1906 Earthquake

Facts, figures, stories and scandals about the 1906 Earthquake published by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

26th Yankee Division 1933

26th Yankee Division

“26th Yankee Division Playing Cards” was designed by Alban B. Butler, Jr and printed by the Press of the Woolly Whale, New York, in 1933.

3-D Dino Cards 2020

3-D Dino Cards

Lenticular images of different, unnamed dinosaurs on all-plastic cards.

35: More Design Copies

35: More Design Copies

Here I want to take another widely copied design and see how individual variation by the copier can take the original design through a lot of changes. I shall take the three USPCC designs: US3 (wide), US3.1 (bridge) and US4 (wide). To the best of my knowledge these are no longer used in the US, except perhaps for special productions, as in the retro market.

4 Seasons Playing Cards

4 Seasons Playing Cards

Colours of the Four Seasons - Playing Card Art Deck

4 Thrones Solitaire Game 2013

4 Thrones Solitaire Game

A fresh and minimal pack and iPhone app designed for solitaire games.

40 Years of Jaws Playing Cards 2015

40 Years of Jaws Playing Cards

This special pack celebrates the 40th anniversary of the film Jaws.

42: Andrew Dougherty

42: Andrew Dougherty

Andrew Dougherty was one of the biggest American card-makers in the 19th century.

43: The United States Playing Card Co.

43: The United States Playing Card Co.

The United States Playing Card Co. (USPCC) represents an amalgamation of all the major American card-makers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries

52 reasons to re-elect George Bush 2004

52 reasons to re-elect George Bush

“52 reasons to re-elect George Bush” political playing cards published in 2004.

55: China 2

55: China 2

Some further American designs used in China.

75: Early American cards

75: Early American cards

An overview of some of the early cards made in the United States.

8-Bit Mafia and 8-Bit Werewolf 2014

8-Bit Mafia and 8-Bit Werewolf

This pack created by Michael Scott has been inspired by retro 8-bit pixel games from the 80s and 90s.

A Look Back with Hope for the Future

A Look Back with Hope for the Future

“A Look Back with Hope for the Future” by Rod Starling

A. Dougherty’s Triplicate Recreation 2014

A. Dougherty’s Triplicate Recreation

A recreated of the original 1876, No. 18, Triplicate deck by A. Dougherty by Michael Scott in 2014.

About Emily Arkin 2001

About Emily Arkin

Emily Arkin is an artist from Somerville, MA.

Adventure Fours 1977

Adventure Fours

Adventure Fours playing cards with differently coloured suit symbols, USA 1977

African Art 1994

African Art

“African Art” playing cards by John J. Beckvermit III, 1994