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Dead Souls 2006

Dead Souls

Dead Souls, or “Mertvye dushi igral’nye karty” produced in 2006 by Aleksei Orleanskii.

East Slavonic Mythology 1994

East Slavonic Mythology

East Slavonic Mythology designed by Aleksey Orleansky (1994) featuring creatures from the watery underworld.

Palekh by Aleksey Orleansky 2014

Palekh by Aleksey Orleansky

In the style of religious icon paintings, these court card figures wear costumes reminiscent of the mid-17th century.

Russian Beer 2006

Russian Beer

Russian Beer playing cards / “Russkoe pivo karty igral’nye” produced in 2006

Russian Emperors 2006

Russian Emperors

Russian Emperors playing cards / “Rossiiskie imperatory karty igral’nye” produced and illustrated by Aleksei Orleanskii, 2006.