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Barribal patience 1929

Barribal patience

Waddington’s Patience Cards from the Barribal Series, c.1929.

Card Game Items and contemporary advertisements

Card Game Items and contemporary advertisements

It is often difficult to identify the origin, manufacturer and date of a card game boxed set and other card game artifacts.

Carte per Signora 1897

Carte per Signora

“Carte per Signora” patience pack was produced by Fratelli Armanino, Genova, in c.1897.

Cribbage Patience or Cribbage Squares

Cribbage Patience or Cribbage Squares

Cribbage Patience or Cribbage Squares, produced by Messrs Edward Mortimer, Halifax and London.

Czech Patience Cards 1954

Czech Patience Cards

Patience size playing cards published by Obchodni Tiskarny of Prague, under the brand “Casino”, with cartoon courts in the style of wood engravings.

Dondorf Patience playing cards No.26 1920

Dondorf Patience playing cards No.26

Patience playing cards with children in historical costumes

Einar Nerman Patience 1924

Einar Nerman Patience

Einar Nerman (1888–1983) was a talented Swedish artist born in Norrköping who designed playing cards during the 1920s.

EPCS February 2003 Newsletter

EPCS February 2003 Newsletter Members Only

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F. X. Schmid Mini-Patience

F. X. Schmid Mini-Patience

Miniature Patience playing cards in Rococo style published by F. X. Schmid, c.1960

Four Continents Patience 1910

Four Continents Patience

Dondorf's 'Four Continents' Patience, c.1910.

Goodall & Son Patience Boxed Sets

Goodall & Son Patience Boxed Sets

Goodall & Son produced a huge variety of Patience Boxed Sets at different times and for different consumers.

Goodall & Son’s Patience & Miniature packs

Goodall & Son’s Patience & Miniature packs

Goodall & Son’s Patience & Miniature packs came in various styles of box and back design, c.1890-1930.

Goodall 1915-1916 Sample Book 1915

Goodall 1915-1916 Sample Book

Complete contents of a sample book by Goodall & Sons

José Gombau 1833

José Gombau

Deck of half-sized Spanish-suited playing cards in the Maciá pattern produced by José Gombau, Zaragoza, c.1833.

Karl Gerich No.16: “Patience Indien” 1991

Karl Gerich No.16: “Patience Indien”

Karl Gerich's “Patience Indien No.16”, published in 1991, is adapted from Grimaud's “Whist Indienne” (c.1900). The double-ended courts are dressed in Arab garb.

Karlis Krauze

Karlis Krauze

Latvian Patience Cards designed by Karlis Krauze, mid 1930s

Karty Lyubvi

Karty Lyubvi

Karty lyubvi Slavyanskie (Slavonic love cards) and Karty lyubvi Starinnye (Ancient love cards).

Kinder-Karte 1870


First published in c.1870, children are presented in these miniature Patience cards disguised as Kings, Queens and Jacks. The Kings' crowns are slightly over-sized for their heads and the children are wearing false beards.