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Caricatures on playing cards often feature comical or satirical depictions of people or events, and can provide insight into the cultural and political climate of their time.

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9-11-89 passé 1990

9-11-89 passé

Caricatures of East German politicians following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Adolfo Matarelli Transformation 1860

Adolfo Matarelli Transformation

Matarelli was a well known caricaturist who first illustrated Carlo Collodi's famous Pinocchio story. He was also a collaborator in the satirical magazine “Il Lampione”, founded by Collodi.

Baraja Gallega 2002

Baraja Gallega

Baraja Gallega designed by cartoonists and caricaturists Pinto Chinto (David Pintor & Carlos López) in 2002.

Berliner Originale 1986

Berliner Originale

“Berliner Originale” designed by Manfred Bofinger, 1986.

Bicycle Emotions 2013

Bicycle Emotions

Bicycle Emotions playing cards with custom emotions on the courts to help you bluff at cards, 2013.

Cards on Cards (E.H. Locker) 1982

Cards on Cards (E.H. Locker)

Artist Edward Locker’s view of London life in 1799, using every card in the pack as part of the picture.

Cartes Recréatives 1819

Cartes Recréatives

Cartes Recréatives is a set of Transformed playing cards designed by Armand-Gustave Houbigant (1790-1863) and first published by Terquem et May, Metz, in 1819.

Cat Chaos 2017

Cat Chaos

‘Cat Chaos Celebrity Edition’ card game by Ginger Fox Ltd., 2017.

Das Tübinger Skatspiel 1987

Das Tübinger Skatspiel

Pack devised by Volker Scheub depicting characters associated with the city of Tübingen.

Desafio Football Caricatures 2000

Desafio Football Caricatures

“Desafio” playing cards with football player caricatures, c.2000

El Jueves playing cards 1988

El Jueves playing cards

Caricatures of 52 famous Spaniards for the satirical magazine “El Jueves”.

Executive Deck 1973

Executive Deck

Executive Deck, otherwise known as “the Nixon Deck”, USA, 1973.

Fundacja Polsat Dzieciom 2000

Fundacja Polsat Dzieciom

Set of caricatures and cartoons in aid of a Polish children’s charity. c.2000.

Hooray for Hollywood 2006

Hooray for Hollywood

‘Hooray for Hollywood’ movie star playing cards produced by Parody Productions, USA, 2006.

Jeu de la V<sup>me</sup> 1977

Jeu de la Vme

A political pack designed by Pino Zac and published in 1977 by Editions Arts et Lettres.

Jeu Grotesque 1800

Jeu Grotesque

Jeu Grotesque was first published in France c.1800.

Jonathan Swift and his World 2017

Jonathan Swift and his World

“Jonathan Swift and his World” playing cards designed by Dan Sperrin and produced by David Westnedge Ltd. 2017.

Jungle Parties 1987

Jungle Parties

“Jungle Parties” or “Playing Politics '87” designed & drawn by Patrick Cuenot.

Klutz Card Deck 1990

Klutz Card Deck

Klutz Card Deck with comic courts.

La Baralla Espanyola de Regió 7 1996

La Baralla Espanyola de Regió 7

“La Baralla Espanyola de Regió 7”, created by Jaume Capdevila and Helena Rovira for Edicions Intercomarcals SA in 1996, depicts caricatures of Spanish politicians from that era.