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Black Cat Fortune Telling Game 1897

Black Cat Fortune Telling Game

Black Cat Fortune Telling Game published by Parker Bros, 1897

Cat Chaos 2017

Cat Chaos

‘Cat Chaos Celebrity Edition’ card game by Ginger Fox Ltd., 2017.

Cats and Dogs Royale Playing Cards 2015

Cats and Dogs Royale Playing Cards

Two collectable sets of cards featuring Cats and Dogs as Royalty through the ages.

EPCS October 2000 Newsletter

EPCS October 2000 Newsletter Members Only

That's Donald: Card Reverse • Queen Mother's Birthday • Rudge Whitworth Cycles • Pack of Cards: Spades • Oscar Wilde: 100th Death Anniversary • International Cards: Duke of Edinburgh Marriage • AVRO VULCAN: Old War Bird • Nursery Rhyme Snap • Daily Express Centenary • New Issues: Various Themes • Peg's Lucky Cards • King George V: Pneumatic Ace • Mickey Mouse: Special Box • Non-Standard Ace Packs • Bric-a-Brac: Odds & Ends • Cat Snap • J&W Mitchell: Card Manufacturers • Bezique Marker: A.Collier • Pepy's Kargo Drawings • Barribal Waddington: EXIDE Battery • Whist Score Cards • Louis Wain: NAP Game • Christmas Dickens: Non-Standard Packs • House of Cards: C.E.B. Bernard • Playing with Numbers • Bystander Fragments

Friendly Felines 2017

Friendly Felines

‘Friendly Felines’ playing cards designed by Azured Ox, 2017.

Hello Kitty 2009

Hello Kitty

Waddington’s “Hello Kitty” themed deck produced in 2009.

Hello Kitty 2013

Hello Kitty

“Hello Kitty” playing cards published by Sanrio, manufactured in China, 2013.

I Gatti Originali di Evelyne Nicod 1985

I Gatti Originali di Evelyne Nicod

Etchings of cats on a set of major arcana created by Evelyne Nicod.

Jeu des Chats 1997

Jeu des Chats

Eighteen different cat breeds drawn by Marie-France Gary.

Kitten Club 2006

Kitten Club

From Empresses to King Cats and One-Eyed Jacks, every game is a pageant of unforgettable cats, each with a story to tell...

Le Jeu des Chats (Dubout) 2006

Le Jeu des Chats (Dubout)

Cartoon-style illustrations of cats on playing cards created by the French artist Albert Dubout.

Rosina Wachtmeister playing cards 2015

Rosina Wachtmeister playing cards

Cats, cats and more cats in Wachtmeister’s inimitable style.

The White Cat 1860

The White Cat

The White Cat, a game of cats, kittens & mice, published by Jaques & Son, c.1860s.