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Bibaraja 1977


Amusing designs of boys as circus performers by Alberto Muñiz Sánchez.

Birkel Schwarzer Peter 1950

Birkel Schwarzer Peter

The Birkel company has produced several promotional “Schwarzer Peter” packs over the years and this one is themed on the circus.

Circus No.47 1896

Circus No.47

“Circus No.47”, first issued in 1896. The staid old Kings, Queens and Jacks have given way to various well-known ring masters, clowns and queens; dashing circus designs. Indeed, the clown Jacks are only a short step away from Jokers!

Circus Snap 1954

Circus Snap

Circus Snap published by Pepys Games, c.1954.

Circus Transformation Cards 1988

Circus Transformation Cards

Deluxe Limited Edition Circus Transformation Deck designed by F. Robert Schick, 1988

Il Circo 2004

Il Circo

Il Circo illustrated by Jules Garnier, published by Lo Scarabeo, 2004.

Maxi Puke 201 Circus Poker

Maxi Puke 201 Circus Poker

Maxi Puke 201 Circus Poker brand produced by Wenyu Paper Products, Shanghai.

The Circus 1980

The Circus

“The Circus” playing cards with artwork by Max Dissar and Rita Rielle, published by Masenghini, Bergamo, c.1980.